Thursday, January 04, 2007

Walker Evans

Trial, then hanging. Music by the Hip Hop Caucus

Cindy Sheehan routs the Democrats
"Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic leadership can no longer tell us what is on the table," Mrs. Sheehan said. "We are the ones that put them in power and they are not including the peace movement. ... It needs to be at least included in the discussion." She demanded the elimination of funding for the war, an investigation and impeachment of President Bush for what she called "lies" to justify the war.

BUSH MUST GO! Demonstration at Opening of Congress, 12 noon, Jan 4

'If War Crimes, Torture, and Crimes Against Humanity Are Not
Reason to Impeach, What Is?'

/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On January 4, people will demonstrate at the opening of Congress. Protesters from up and down the East Coast, some dressed in orange Guantanamo torture jumpsuits, will demand that Congress investigate and hold accountable the Bush administration for criminal liability, and that the House
of Representatives immediately initiate Articles of Impeachment against Bush for
"high crimes and misdemeanors."
1. DEMONSTRATION, 12noon, Thursday, January 4 Upper Senate Park (Delaware & Constitution, just north of Capitol), Washington DC
2. "VOICES FOR IMPEACHMENT" evening program featuring DANIEL ELLSBERG, MICHAEL RATNER, JOHN NICHOLS, CINDY SHEEHAN, DEBRA SWEET, video message from GORE VIDAL, 7pm, Thursday, National Press Club, 529 14th Street NW

Millions thought they were voting against the war and the president, but the
Democratic leadership of the new Congress has declared that impeachment is off
the table.
That night at 7pm, DANIEL ELLSBERG (Pentagon Papers), MICHAEL RATNER (pres., Center for Constitutional Rights), JOHN NICHOLS, CINDY SHEEHAN, DAVID SWANSON and DEBRA SWEET will speak at a forum sponsored by
World Can't Wait. GORE VIDAL will send a video message.

Debra Sweet, National Director of World Can't Wait: "A regime as criminal as
the Bush regime should not be allowed to remain in office. This unjust war was
started on lies and has continued despite an election where millions thought
they were voting to stop it. The Democrats allow debate only on how to run the
war more effectively, and refuse to even consider impeachment. This is
unacceptable. If George Bush is not removed from office before 2008, then
everything he has done -- his doctrine of preemptive war, legalization of
torture, undermining the rule of law, and inserting fundamentalist
Christianity into the laws, culture and institutions of the country -- will
continue no matter who becomes the next president. As people of conscience
living in the U.S. we cannot allow that to happen."

Endorsers include US Green Party; Rep. Cynthia
McKinney;;; Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Hip
Hop Caucus;;

Interviews available.


CONTACT: Connie Julian of World Can't Wait, +1-718-825-9119.

Vidal, McKinney and Sheehan. Maybe when they grow up they can find a job.

Vidal Gores Bush

Gore Vidal hates America, Americans and President Bush, because he is so damned smart and perceptive. Don't you know.

Gore Vidal: Bush Caused US Crisis

Havana, Dec 20 (Prensa Latina) During his recent visit to Cuba, esteemed US
academic Gore Vidal said the US is facing a legal, political and institutional
crisis, and he severely criticized the Bush administration.

Vidal's statements were included in a special interview given during his five-day stay in Cuba, which was broadcast on Tuesday at the end of the regular Cuban
roundtable discussion broadcast.

If the US people would have had a true free press and some alert media, incompetent George W.. Bush would have never been elected president, as he does not even speak well and becomes exasperated when he tries to read when his advisers are absent.

About Rene Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon LabaƱino, Fernando Gonzalez and Antonio Guerrero, the Five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unfairly imprisoned in the United States eight years ago, the US writer said this proved once again that his country is facing a legal, political and constitutional crisis.

The clear-thinking US academician declared that the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York provided a pretext for a coup d etat in the northern nation, the first one in history, in which a group of dishonest people, from an oil cartel, usurped State power and overthrew the Congress.

"This is something that people do not understand, because Americans have very simple minds: what they do not know or have not previously seen, does not exist. They live now in situ, but some day they will discover it, as archeologists, and that won t be at all nice," stressed Vidal.

Being a literay man, Vidal might know what a Potemkin Village is, as in Havana.

Shadows of tactics past

Over the Christmas celebration while I was stuffing myself with Calimari, Canolies and Chavis I came across a poll asking "Do you think the U.S. can win in Iraq?". I believe it was asked on the Columbus Dispatch website, which struck me as odd at the time.

The Columbus Dispatch of my youth was the flagship of the Wolfe family media group which included newspapers, television and radio stations. The Wolfe family personified Ohio values in that they worked hard, played hard and voted Republican.

This came to mind because said Calimari were dying at a high rate by me as I sat in New York reading a newspaper from Ohio with a wife I met in Virginia. I mused that Ohio had been a sensible good place to get dragged up in, that Ronald Reagan had brought me to the home of my mother's family which had been Virginia, and I remembered that New York, with the Rockefellers, had been the enemy. A reality check smacked me. hard.

Today, the Wolfe family have ceded control of their media group to a liberal enabling wuss publisher named Curtain (sp?), Columbus is a hotbed of BDS, the street I shared with No Such Agency types in Virginia is now populated by fat "civil servants" living in a gulf community and I was sitting in what had been enemy territory with the love of my life, her family and a rabidly conservative community. More Chavis. please.

"Do you think the U.S. can win in Iraq?" What an incredibly stupid question. Of course we can and at all levels including militarily, but, if I recollect correctly, 20+% replied in the poll that Iraq was a hopeless quagmire. Excuse my KerryFrench, but what a crock of horseshit.

Once again, we are not being allowed to win, but (again) the enemy is being enabled to not appear to lose. Iran has their fingers in the pie, Syria is at the very least a staging area for terrorists, the Saudi are terror's venture capitalists, Egypt is Egypt and somewhere in this pile of horseshit I bet we're going to find a pony called Putin. Thus we know who the players are, know their address' and we have pretty good GPS coordinates.

Each day the terrorists murder for the MSM's previewing pleasure, everyday opponents of the War on Terror get their mugs in the MSM crying their pitiful slogans, everyday manufactured intellectuals produce "works" proving American perfidy and slowly the attitude of average Americans change.

"Do you think the U.S. can win in Iraq?" Yes, I do when we start treating this as a war and defeat the enemy and their enablers.

America has been here before. Now, we have to not only fight over there, but here as well. Opponents of freedom have successfully put their argument front and center from Korea to the here and now. They are in the minority, but have been successful because they are persistent. It is time for freedom lovers to put their arguments front and center here in America and the rest of the world.

As a civilian led military, we should support our President in giving the military its objective and getting the hell out of the miltary's way. As citizens we should fight in the newsroom, the classroom, the halls of Congress and our city halls. When people say it has gone on too long, ask them how long their grand children want to live. When opponents of freedom call someone a chickenhawk, tell them they are a chickenhawk for terrorism, because they are.

When you see a person wearing the uniform of our country, walk up to them and thank them, buy them a drink or pay for their meal and do it quietly, not with fanfare, but faithfully, just as our soldiers are serving our country and the cause of freedom. When someone says our soldiers joined up because they had no other options, tell them that a remark like that probably means they're too stupid to be in the best educated military in the world. We're not winning because we are not doing our part.

When you don't want to cause a scene or spoil a party or are afraid to be the town loudmouth, think of a bleeding soldier in the dirt or a family celebrating a holiday, a birthday or an anniverary without a loved one who is away serving us. It is time we serve those that are serving for us. It is not the time to politely ignore those who would tear us down. It is time to tear them and their anti-freedom strawmen down.

"Do you think the U.S. can win in Iraq?" Wrong question.

Enhance freedom by spreading freedom.