Thursday, December 04, 2008

Nothing Celebrates The Birth Of Christ Like An Abortion

Planned Parenthood is selling gift certificates like any business wanting to drum up business and increase its profits. This Christmas the group is selling gift certificates that can be used for different procedures including abortion, but Planned Parenthood is known as the place to get an abortion.

Planned Parenthood Gift Certificates Could Be Used for Deadly Purposes
A number of Planned Parenthood clinics in Indiana and Illinois are offering gift certificates for their services this Christmas.

Officials say the vouchers enable people to give their loved ones "the gift of life" — that would help pay for annual checkups and birth control — but also can be used for abortions.

Chrystal Struben-Hall with Planned Parenthood of Indiana said the idea is a response to economic woes that have forced many women to put health care at the bottom of their to-do list.
"People are making really tough decisions about putting gas in their car and food on their table," Struben-Hall said.

Planned Parenthood said the stocking-stuffers — that range in value from $25 to $100 and can be ordered online — are redeemable for health services at clinics throughout the two states and can go to any service offered. "We decided not to put restrictions on the gift certificates, so it’s for whatever people feel they need the services for most," Struben-Hall said.

The group opposes restrictions on abortion, including:

laws requiring parental consent or notification for girls under the age of 18 (or 17 in some states) to have an abortion

laws requiring an ultrasound before abortion (many Planned Parenthood clinics perform, but do not require, ultrasounds)

laws requiring a waiting period (ranging from a couple of hours to a day or more)

reporting cases of statutory rape to the authorities

They're also a great group of people:

Planned Parenthood of Idaho was offered a donation if it could be earmarked for abortions for black women because as the caller stated, "the less black kids out there the better." Answering the phone call, the organization's vice president of development and marketing said, "Understandable, understandable" and continued, "Excuse my hesitation, this is the first time I've had a donor call and make this kind of request, so I'm excited and want to make sure I don't leave anything out."

One can see their sensitivity just glowing for the Christmas season. In Planned Parenthood's 2006-2007 report it was stated that they performed 289,750 abortions making about $119.6 million in revenue. That's quite a Christmas present of death for the season of celebrating He that brought us life.


Planned Parenthood employee tells "13" year old to lie about "31" year old father
A local Planned Parenthood employee has been suspended after the release of a video surreptitiously shot at a clinic which shows a woman who identifies herself as a 13-year-old being given advice that is a violation of the organization’s policies.

In the video, the “patient,” who is accompanied by another female identified as a friend, states that her name is Brianna. She tells the nurse she is 13 years old and has missed her monthly period. The nurse responds that anyone under the age of 13 needs parental consent to get an abortion in Indiana. “Brianna” further reveals that she doesn’t want to explain who the father is because he could get in trouble. She later says that the father is 31 years old.

In the video, which has breaks and cuts, the nurse advises how to lie about the father’s age. The “patient” is then shown a piece of paper which Rose alleges showed her that she could get an abortion in Illinois without parental consent.

Planned Parenthood had suspended this employee because she broke the rules. Ms Rose, the "13" year old is actually an 18 year old college student, says that this practice of helping underage children to lie to law enforcement, lie to their parents and how to get abortions out of state.