Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Sweet Home Alabama" By The Leningrad Cowboys

I'm not sure. Really. This may be one of the best videoes eveh. The end is.....amazing? Yeah.

Who says we didn't win the Cold War. Now if we could win the east and left coast.

Is Radical Islam Radical Or Is Their Radicalism The Norm For Them?

We visited Vasto, Italy where my wife's family is from for a few days so she could share her history. The family is filled with relatives and their history there goes back before the written word.

The first thing I wanted to see was the "old" church where her grandparents had wed, but also to surprise my wife with some genealogical information. In one of those difficult verbal exchanges, made so by my inability to speak Italian, I was informed their was only the "new" church and it was pointed out to me.

I looked at a structure that in America would have been a national monument based strictly on its age, so I asked about the old church. I was informed that a Turkish (Muslim) fleet had ravaged the entire length of Italy on the Adriatic side. It was then that remembered history told me that the "new" church had been built in 1477 AD after Vasto was burned, looted and the people were left for dead..

I asked if the there had been other such invasions. The kind gentleman and his wife who was gently trying to get me to understand both smiled and she said, "No" translating for her husband. He got a very hard look in his face and spoke in the local dialect which the wife translated loosely as, "They come again, this we know, but this time we'll be ready."

That memory and this video reminds me that Islam is doing exactly what they have been instructed to do for centuries.

I give you Lt. Col. West:

Political clarity is a virtue that is lost in modern America. I hope this man goes far in politics.

via Another Black Conservative

Obama's 'No New Taxes' Not A Pledge, But A 'Preference'

"Read my lips"

As warned, America is getting screwed. Big time by big lies, big plans and small minds. Enter Orszag. That would be Peter "lovechild" Orszag, a man of principle, truthiness and trust. Unless he says he loves you. In that case, run.

Orszag: The president never “pledged” no new taxes; he simply “preferred”

“The president has been very clear about what he prefers,” Orszag said

Cartoon Bubble: I'd Rather Be Having Root Canal By Chain Saw

Look at Harry. What is he thinking as Obama drones on. The Nancester has her 1,000 yard stare going. Häagen-Dazs?

I once had a professor that could induce this effect merely by being in the same room.

It's a long way from grandiose thoughts of saving people from themselves to the reality of learning that the people don't want you saving them.