Sunday, April 13, 2008

Only In America

Is your right to be stupid guaranteed.

Phoenix mayor asks FBI to check sheriff

If stupidity was a crime, Sheriff Joe would be building new jails just for Mayors and other politicians.

Where In The World Is Dick Celeste?

Once the Punjab plenipotentiary and before that Celeste was the esteemed governor of the state of Ohio. Just as India is defined by rivers so is Ohio. Coincidence? Dunno. Don't care.

Another coincidence is that after Celeste left each position things improved.

Now Dick Celeste is president of the Colorado Springs' Colorado College where humor is dangerous unless vetted by liberals, i.e., professional educators who warn us not to try education at home because their work is done on a closed course by trained professionals.

Joking students called on the carpet
The pair at Colorado College are rebuked over a feminist-newsletter parody seen as threatening.

OH MY GOD, NOT PARODY! Parody scares feminists. Being scared makes feminists angry. When said parody is mixed with chainsaws and guns, well that is just downright threatening. Scary. Angry. Time for Dick.

Dick knows about feminists. Think Dagmar. Dagmar hates Dick. Dagmar was so angry she went and made herself a Catholic bishop. As she broke water, Dagmar thanked mother God and Harvey Milk.

This explains why Dick runs when confronted by feminists.

Communist China Faked Tibetan Torch Attacks

Everybody is crying that the Olympics aren't political and politics should be left out of them. I say, meet and confront tyrants, liars and despots wherever they choose to rear their cowardly heads, especially when they lie to garner sympathy for their murderous ways.

This one picture came to symbolize the heartless violence of the Tibetan protesters, thus justifying, in many people's minds, the paramilitary troops that China sent to harass, beat, and brutalize the protesters in other countries -- from France and London to the United States to South America:
Big Lizards has shown that the communist leadership of China has staged this and other photographs and events to make the Tibetans look bad.
China clearly thought this was a win-win for them as the world media flocked to the Olympics showing the world what a great group of guys the communists are. They are not a great group of guys. They are murderous thugs living out Stalin's wet dreams of sadism and world conquest.
If they want to use the Olympics as a front to falsely portray themselves as good people, I say use the Olympics to show that they are common criminals which is the real definition of communism.