Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why Conservatives Are Better

The liberals like to talk about social conservatives and how “out of touch” they are. Well, liberals love social issues. They love abortion, multiculturalism, class warfare, racial leniency, educational indoctrination, income redistribution and many others.

What liberals do not like are the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of law and the sanctity of individualism. In short, what it means to be an American.

Since I seem to be into lists this week, and I know all of you are as well, I have put together a list of what I am looking for in my next President and the Republican Party and what they represent and believe.

The United States first and foremost as a sovereign nation.

Balanced Budget

Reduced size and scope of government

Lower tax rates

Less regulation

Earmark transparency

Corruption rooted out and punished

Win the War on Terror including Iraq and Afghanistan

Immediate end to multiculturalism

Sealed borders

Illegal aliens and those that support them aggressively punished

Education control back in the hands of local communities

Get government out of healthcare, medicine and pharmaceuticals

Campaign Finance Reform reformed out of law

Federal and state bureaucrats found to be undermining elected officials fired

All amendments recognized, especially the 2nd and 10th

Privatize Social Security

Sanctity of marriage

No federal law regarding abortion

Smash the false “wall of separation” restricting the freedom of religion

Full sentences in criminal cases to be fulfilled as working prisoners

Oh, and free transportation for liberals to Canada and all illegal aliens elsewhere
That covers most of it I think, at least for now.

The least government is the best government.


Malveaux, Are You Stupid Enough?

Have you asked yourself whether Hillary is "black enough"?

Could Hillary Clinton also be a 'black' leader?
CNN White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux pinned back the former First
Lady to explain how she could "sustain black support " while running against an
African-American. Ironically, thanks to Sen. Barack Obama's mixed white and
Kenyan parentage and campaign mischief, it is he who usually gets to field the
"black enough" question.
So, are any of the Democrat candidates "black enough", since hoaxer Al Sharpton isn't in the race?
Clinton said the problem is not a "moral crisis but an economic crisis,"
rejecting the "broad-brush" notion that paints the young black male "as a
threat, as a headache or as a lost cause. I reject it as a string of
disappointments, failures and casualties of a broken system. That's not who they
are and that's not who they can be."
That broad-brush of actual crime statistics tells us that families aren't broken, just their bank accounts. Where the hell do the rest of us get in on this broad-brush?
"We have to keep talking about race," she said, "because race is a very
significant issue for our country, for who we are as a country, for our role in
the world."

Well, as long as Democrats want to have any relevancy they have to keep talking about it, otherwise hoaxer Jessie Jackson is just another wannabe third world leader, not a premier American racist.
"I am really thrilled to be running at a time in our history when, on a
stage, you can see an African-American man, a Hispanic man and a woman."

There's a woman up there? Point her out.
In a moment of levity with the black columnists, Clinton joked about
how, as a flat-toned midwesterner, she sometimes lapses into a drawl in the
South and tends to drop her "g's" more around black audiences. In a snide
reference to author Toni Morrison's comment that her husband was the "first
black president," she mused:

"I do find myself dropping g's. I lived all those years in Arkansas,
and, you know, I'm in this interracial marriage."

Yep, going to Wellesley and Yale will do that to a person. All those pesky g's in Othello made for heavy sloughing as one wrestles with reading about interracial marry, but at least she can count on Bill to stay the coarse.

Sigh, it's not like we don't have enough time to find out if Clinton and the others are American enough, color blind enough, sensible enough, etc., but we probably won't because reporters like Malveaux aren't gutsy enough to ask these questions. They're afraid of being ostracized or fired.