Wednesday, December 28, 2011

90 Rounds Of Golf Yet Economy Sucks


Alinsky is weeping at the sheer incompetence. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Not Obama. Not even twice a month. Apparently, not even twice a year. I'm tired. Need I go on? Thank you.

Oh, the economy. Right. Never mind. I'm sorry. FORE!

Why Some Professors Teach Instead Of Do

Remember when one of our profligate professors informed us of the rise of liberal news (actually he hoped for a resurrection) and the demise of Fox News.

When, oh when, will our wannabe liberal, progressive, socialist loser overlords learn to read before they cut and paste (or out-n-out faux plagiarize) from loser sources from Hell? 


UPDATE: Read the comments to learn how and why conservatives are stupid and liberals are smart, witty and always right and never ever wrong. According to the professor this is scientific fact and since it is liberal "fact" it is always right and never wrong even when it has been thoroughly debunked as tripe. If you don't know it's the professor that's because he keeps using different names, logs in as "guest" or "anonymous" and masks his IP address because stupid conservatives ban him because we're afraid of his "facts." Yeah.

It's A Woman's Woman's Woman's World

BBC names panda 'woman of year'... Well, so much for British beauty.

Reich: Get ready for Obama/Clinton ticket... The equality war is over. This broad will kick his butt. And he will enjoy it. As he has been told. Racists.

James, thank you:

This is a woman's world
But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a man or a boy

She's lost in the wilderness

She's lost in bitterness

I'd vote for the Panda. Even the Panda with the horse face.

Even though Lil Bobby Reich begs me to vote for the midget's midget's midget's world, I can't. The short bus never worked for me.

Occupy's Poop Palooza Heading To Iowa

The perpetually petulant and always smug Occupy crowd is taking their “give us more” message to Iowa and the Republican caucuses.

No doubt they will be warmly embraced as outsiders who have no place there as well as for their tiresome whining. On the bright side is the fact that they are being bused in from the east and west coast which will diversify Iowa with bad accents and bad fashion.

Who knows, maybe they might take a back to nature job shoveling crap, plucking chickens or Porta-Potty delivery and placement.