Sunday, February 15, 2009

How Much Did Specter, Collins & Snowe Charge For Their Yes Votes?

As I wrote before, Specter, Snowe & Collins: Republican Repercussions, it is now apparent that the three Republicans who voted for the power grab by government, known as the Stimulus Plan, had a price for their vote. They were bought.

Renegade Republicans Push Stimulus Over The Finish Line
President Obama owes the passage of his stimulus bill to three senators from the losing side, reports CBS News correspondent Kimerly Dozier.

Renegade Republicans – senators Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine – tipped the balance toward Mr. Obama's plan in a late night Senate vote on Friday, forwarding the package to the president's desk by a 60-38 margin. "I really believe that what I decided to do was right," Collins said.

She and Snowe used the political weight of their swing votes to wield influence far greater than their state's 1.3 million residents, Dozier reports.

I know what people are called that sell themselves, but do Specter, Collins and Snowe? They should give Eliot Spitzer a call. I hear he pays better.

Of course, I'm sure there is a section buried in the Stimulus bill to nationalize brothels and unionize pimping that will mandate a set price, but the OSHA regulations will be the most interesting.