Sunday, December 16, 2007

No Mao Christmas

I thieved this in full because I love posts like this. If you have more to add to this list please let me know. In light of China's poison products this is a list you may want.

For bonus points I have a challenge after the copied thievery.

Looking for American-made toys?
Not everything is "Made In China" these days. I came across this list compiled by Fox News hottie E.D. Hill. It's worth checking out if you're looking for some safe toys for the holidays:
Web Sites of American-Made Toys
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A Christmas challenge. I have made this challenge to family members and they were not happy after accepting and trying to meet the challenge.

CHALLENGE: Do not buy or use Christmas decorations or Nativity sets made in communist China. Most Christmas products made in communist China are produced by Christian slave labor.

This means no garland, toys, tree ornaments, lawn decorations, tinsel, mantel creches, candles, snow globes, music boxes, tree stands, electric candles, Christmas lights (tree, house, etc.), mantle stockings, trees, cups, mugs, Christmas cards, wrapping, ribbon and any other thing you may use for Christmas. Especially galling is communist China producing Nativity sets. Don't buy them. Most IMPORTANT, tell the decision maker for the retail store you use why you are not purchasing these items. They will be stunned as well when they try to find non communist Christmas items. They are getting harder to find.

First year I did this our tree and house were pretty bare. Good luck and let me know how you make out.

When Moma Said Fugly She Wasn't Talking Art

Canadians are learning from our MoMA?

I've seen MoMA and they're right. They should have learned important lessons from viewing MoMA inside and out. That they didn't is obvious from the beginning because one might assume that from the beginning they hired the architect.

Lesson from MoMA

Sweeping across the new building, a massive yet gossamer structure, is a 600-foot-long stretch of canted glass and titanium-tinted panels that hang over an expansive arcade. Gehry's addition will join the conglomeration of 11 buildings that make up the AGO, including an 1820 brick residence bequeathed to the gallery in 1911. Rising off center, the new addition will be partially sheathed in Gehry's signature metallic panels. The southern face of the building will sport a 140-foot-high unbroken facade of glass.

Inside, the new AGO will house a dramatic corkscrew spiral walkway that wends its way through internal arches built in 1925. The walkway, which evokes Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim in New York with its continuous helix that expands as it coils around a spatial well, twists up to the fourth floor of a light-flooded glass atrium. This architectural feature bridges traditional and modern, without compromising the integrity of the existing structure.

Mr. Gehry believes he understands art, but it obvious who the artist isn't. Evoking the worst of FLW to maintain the integrity of buildings that were not meant to coexist by the original designers is an insult to all who think. One side will think, 'why not just tear down the old building' while another will ponder how does one tear down the new buildings. A loss-loss- for all.

This is a pompous design foisted on a public by a higher called elite which is a high pockets for, 'Boy that building is ugly. Must be government.'

The Poopie On Obama

Black Helicopters Of Death

Hourly checks and added sentries have not logged any illegal flights in this area, but added security measures are being implemented said an unnamed anonymous highly placed unknown agency source at the 'Bilderberg Bar' Happy Hour late saturday evening.

They Want To Kill Ron Paul

Will Ron Paul live long enough to reinstitute the gold standard? Will he live long enough to save Iran from American imperialism? What about that new investigation in 9/11 with his good friend Dennis Kucinich?

Kucinich, of course, will say it's an inside job.

Thanks to LGF, neocon central...

"Huckabee is proud of his tax hikes"

For Huckabee supporters this is a must read.

"He destroyed the conservative movement in Arkansas, and left the Republican Party a shambles."

Huckabee's problem is that he wants to be the man at the door who says, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."* Basic economics will tell you what road those good intentions will pave.

Read the rest and the links. These are thoughts from people whom I respect.

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