Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Dog Did eat My Homework Mr Leahy!

Just ask my past teachers and professors. They'll tell you.

Leahy: Missing RNC E-mails are like Nixon's 18-minute gap
"Like the famous 18-minute gap in the Nixon White House tapes, it appears
likely that key documentation has been erased or misplaced. This sounds like the
Administration's version of 'the dog ate my homework.'"

Oh, I just love it when Liberals get all hepped over a non-issue such as the judges so they can avoid real issues and get face time to smear Republicans.

You know when spittle starts flying from a Liberal's mouth that Nixon or Hitler are usually spat out as damning condemnation of all they dislike.

Les Moonves wusses out to racist

Al "The Baiter" Sharpton wins one as Moonves wusses totally out.
CBS Radio Fires Don Imus
Moonves had met with Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse
Jackson on Thursday morning to discuss Imus' future with the company.

If I was a stockholder I'd sure as hell want to know when CBS hired two shakedown artists like Sharpton and Jackson to advise Moonves on employment.

Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Grand Prix des Automobil-Club de France, 1912, 30 x 40 cm

Ohio Terrorists or introducing the mall thong bomb

Some of Ohio's finest.

Local al-Qaida bomb suspect appears in court
Christopher Paul, 43, is charged with conspiring to support terrorists,
conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction and providing support to

Yesterday's arrest was the culmination of a four-year,
eight-country investigation of Paul, said Tim Murphy, special agent in charge of
the FBI's Cincinnati office, which oversees Columbus.

Paul is the third man from central Ohio to be charged with terrorism. In 2003, Columbus truck driver Iyman Faris, who is serving a 20-year sentence after admitting he scouted the Brooklyn Bridge for al-Qaida, tipped authorities to Paul and Somali immigrant Nuradin Abdi.

Faris told investigators that he and Paul were at an Upper
Arlington coffee shop with Abdi when Abdi, frustrated with U.S. military
operations in Agfhanistan and Iraq, said they ought to shoot up a shopping

Abdi was not charged with plotting against a mall but with lying to
obtain travel papers to leave the U.S. and with attempting to go to a terrorist
training camp in Ethiopia. His trial is scheduled for September.

At today's hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Dana Peters explained the charges against Paul. Asked by U.S. Magistrate Terence P. Kemp if he understood the charges, Paul responded, “Yes, sir."

Serving Allah by blowing up a Victoria's Secret. Using a thong bomb of course.

I don't go to malls anymore. They're too dangerous. That's why my God made catalogues and the Internet (with aLgore's help).

Al Sharpton - Fire the Hypocrite

I used to listen to Don Imus when driving into DC everyday and sometimes he was funny and sometimes the show was interesting. Mostly it was an alternative to the horrendous music stations of the time.

I have listened to Al Sharpton as well and the only time he was interesting or funny was the presidential debates. Other than that Sharpton hit me as a poverty pimp, racist and anti-Semite.

Here are some of the things I remember Sharpton saying and doing:

  • “White folks was in caves while we was building empires...We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” The quote appeared in a December 1995 story in The Forward, a Jewish newspaper, and was based on a videotape of a 1994 appearance Sharpton made at Kean College in New Jersey.

  • At Gavin Cato’s funeral, Sharpton criticized the Jewish community and thereafter organized a series of massive, angry demonstrations. He declared that Cato’s death was not merely the result of a car accident, but rather “the social accident of apartheid.” The contentious activist then challenged local Jews—who he derisively characterized as “diamond merchants” —to “pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house” to settle the score. Finally he claimed, without proof, that the Jewish driver had run over the Cato child while in a drunken stupor.

  • Calling blacks who disagreed with him "yellow niggers"

  • A former police officer, private investigator, and director of security at a Brooklyn Hospital, McKinnon revealed that “Sharpton acknowledged to me early on that ‘The [Brawley] story do sound like bull---t, but it don’t matter. We’re building a movement. This is the perfect issue. Because you’ve got whites on blacks. That’s an easy way to stir up all the deprived people, who would want to believe and who would believe—and all [you’ve] got to do is convince them—that all white people are bad. Then you’ve got a movement.” Explaining that Sharpton was methodically “building an atmosphere” for a race war, McKinnon continued: “Sharpton told me it don’t matter whether any whites did it or not. Something happened to her...even if Tawana done it to herself.” To prove his truthfulness, McKinnon submitted to a lie detector test administered on camera and passed all questions.

    Pagones is wholly innocent -- the crime never occurred -- but Sharpton taunts him: "If we're lying, sue us, so we can . . . prove you did it." Pagones does sue, and eventually wins a $345,000 verdict for defamation. To this day, Sharpton refuses to recant his unspeakable slander or to apologize for his role in the odious affair.

  • Mr. Muhammad, who publicly referred to Jews as “slumlords in the black community” who are busy “sucking our [black’] blood on a daily and consistent basis”; who said that Jews had provoked Adolf Hitler when they “went in there, in Germany, the way they do everywhere they go, and they supplanted, they usurped”; who said that blacks, in retribution against South African whites of the apartheid era, should “kill the women,…kill the children,…kill the babies,…kill the blind,…kill the crippled,…kill the faggot,…kill the lesbian,…kill them all”; who praised Colin Ferguson, a black man who had shot some twenty white and Asian commuters (killing six of them) in a racially motivated 1993 shooting spree aboard a New York commuter train, as a hero who possessed the courage to “just kill every goddamn cracker that he saw”; who advised blacks that “[t]here are no good crackers, and if you find one, kill him before he changes”; who told a Donahue television audience in May 1994 that “[t]here is a little bit of Hitler in all white people”; and who characterized black conservatives as “boot-licking, butt-licking, bamboozled, half-baked, half-fried, sissified, punkified, pasteurized, homogenized Nigger[s].” Sharpton actually lauded Muhammad for being nothing less than “a very articulate and courageous brother.”

Pimp on Brother Al. If moral depravity were poverty, you'd be serving in Iraq with Brother Kerry.

Yeah Right Whatever has good insight on this.