Monday, December 17, 2007

California To Go Broke Under Avalanche of Sacerin Laws

SF Considers a Tax on Sugary Drinks

For years, the idea of taxing soda to beat back obesity has been tossed around in medical circles. But now, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is proposing a tax on beverages high in fructose corn syrup.

Hasn't Newsom gotten in some trouble for a little too much sweetness himself? They say sugar problems can affect family and friends the most. Sweetness as law affects people to the point of making them sick.

Of course this is all fine and good now that Gavin has given up beverages if you know what I mean.

Tom Brinkman's Gay Marriage 'Position'

Brinkman to oppose Schmidt

A state lawmaker known for his anti-abortion views and opposition to gay marriage has filed paperwork to run against U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt in the 2008 Republican primary.
State Rep. Tom Brinkman Jr. of Mount Lookout joins former Hamilton County Commissioner Phil Heimlich in challenging Schmidt, who won re-election last year to her seat in the 2nd U.S. House District by about 2,500 votes. The primary is March 4.

"I will represent Ohioans in Washington as I have for eight years in Ohio, by pushing for common sense in government," said Brinkman, who supported the Ohio's 2004 gay marriage ban.

The article went on to say:

Brinkman said he filed notice of his candidacy with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday. Heimlich filed papers in May, but did not discuss his opposition to gay marriage.

The district includes eastern Hamilton County, all of Clermont, Brown, Adams and Pike counties, and parts of Warren and Scioto counties. It has long been a Republican stronghold and was won handily seven times by Rob Portman, who resigned in 2005 to become the White House budget chief known to be against gay marriage.

But Democrats have targeted Schmidt's seat, which she first won in a special election to replace Portman. Schmidt's opponent in the 2006 general election, Dr. Victoria Wulsin of Indian Hill, already has said she will make another run. There are two other candidates in the Democratic primary: attorney Steve Black who stated that subjects like gay marriage just aren't discussed in Indian Hill and civil engineer Jeff Sinnard of Anderson Township who appears to support anything the Democratic Party does. We think. We know that Tom Brinkman does not support the right's of gays to be just like everyone else who are married.

The article didn't say much more, but it did have an advertisement for A Gay Men's Guide to Intimacy and Relationships for individuals and couples, especially those interested in gay marriage not just as an issue, but as the future of Cincinnati.