Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bush, Iraq And The Dementia Of The New York Times

Via American Power

I don't read the New York Times much anymore. There is no reason to. They are no longer a news organization and their editorials are laughable.

Case in point:

The Deluder in Chief
We long ago gave up hope that President Bush would acknowledge his many mistakes, or show he had learned anything from them

It was bad enough when Mr. Bush piously declared that he hopes Americans believe he is a guy who “didn’t sell his soul for politics.”

It was skin crawling to hear him tell Mr. Gibson that the thing he will really miss when he leaves office is no longer going to see the families of slain soldiers, because they make him feel better about the war.

After everything the American public and the world have learned about how Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney manipulated Congress, public opinion and anyone else they could bully or lie to, Mr. Bush is still acting as though he decided to invade Iraq after suddenly being handed life and death information on Saddam Hussein’s arsenal.

The truth is that Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had been chafing to attack Iraq before Sept. 11, 2001. They justified that unnecessary war using intelligence reports that they knew or should have known to be faulty. And it was pressure from the White House and a highly politicized Pentagon that compelled people like Secretary of State Colin Powell and George Tenet, the Central Intelligence director, to ignore the counter-evidence and squander their good names on hyped claims of weapons of mass destruction.

Despite it all, Mr. Bush said he will “leave the presidency with my head held high.” And, presumably, with his eyes closed to all the disasters he is dumping on the American people and his successor.

No wonder the sad old gray lady is mortgaging herself to the hilt in hopes of staying alive long enough for the "O" and the Fairness Doctrine.

Admit and learn from mistakes? Look in your mirror lady. Your skirt is showing.

Bad enough to admit one hopes nobody think they have sold their soul? It is bad form to speak of oneself as if no one is near.

It is skin crawling to hear somebody's words twisted to someone's sick view. Even for an old lady.

Bullied and lied to justify an unnecessary war wasting people's good names? Like maybe the old lady's good name? I can understand that many in congress are too stupid to understand facts, but the vaunted old gray hag? She who knows all is admitting a fault in that she didn't see the truth even when experts acted as mere peons and believed Iraq's past as prelude to the future? My, her showing slip appears to be old and torn.

Dementia seems to have set in in the old gray witch's memory banks. Weapons of mass destruction were but a part of the list of reasons President Bush gave for attacking Iraq. My memory tells me there were 15 or 16 reasons, not just WMDs.

Maybe when the old gray lady's Manhattan abode is shuttered and sold, she can leave her office with her head held high and her fading cloudy eyes closed so she doesn't see all of her disasters she has dumped on her readership and fawning media that believed and reported her tripe without doubting or researching her accuracy and truthfulness.

I hope the "home" will at least comfort her delusions and offer her a comfortable pair of bunny slippers in which to pad around the halls.

Call In Gay

Screw over your boss, let your peers and customers down and lie in the process. Sounds like a plan. It'll sure make me vote for a Prop 8 next time!

Hot Rod Blagojevich And The Political Machine Of Chicago Goes To Washington

The politics of Chicago, which is a stain on the body politic of this nation, is going to Washington, DC. I hope it doesn't get mugged.

New York has its classy hood politicians anointed by the ruling class to put a face up for them, Boston traditionally cloaks its corruption in the tears of the Irish, Cleveland corruption features political cousins with boxes of canollis in hand from Youngstown, New Orleans was built beneath the sea by pirates and grew into a disfuctional resort for corruption with a wink from the French and Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, hasn't loved an honest man since Benjamin Franklin. Witness their history of mayors and their adopted son, the ham-fisted hammer, past mayor and now Governor, Big Ed Rendell.

There are many other cities with traditional machines that are corrupt with behind-the-scenes type of governance, but Chicago wears its love for bad boy politics on its sleeve as no other city in America. Chicago is the model for diversity in corruption from the lowly block captain and their army of community organizers, to the vaunted head of corruption, the mayor and his disciples of deception, the city council. Now these oafs are going to Washington.

The Obama is taking a part of the Chicago machine to be co-presidents with him in our nation's capitol. It's a good thing they're getting out of Chicago. Most of them should be indicted back in the Windy City for merely breathing. Breathing is a sign of survival and a sign of victory over one's enemies on the shore of that great lake. The bottom of that lake is littered with the non-breathers and on a hot day, the smell of rot smells, like victory.

Washington, DC is a place all its own. Built on a swamp and placed as a compromise between warring factions of the young republic, it's underlying stink is only marginally masked by winter. It's filled with bureaucrats who'd knife their mother for a promotion, a window desk and a pension. The bureaucrats are "run" by politicians and their staffs who are elected, in some cases, by the people. The politicians are lead by such déclassé people such as Pelosi, Reid, Schumer who answer only to their handlers. It's kinda like the Cabots and the Lodges, but God has no part in it. He's smart that way. If only Chicago was.

There's no lake for the losers in Washington. There needn't be, the city is, after all, built on a swamp. Unions make themselves noticed in their marble temples and fleets of limos carrying their leaders to early morning meetings at restaurants around the city for lunch. Community organizers are like pets to bring out at political functions, usually to give an award to a politician. The mob is frowned upon in DC because Congress hates competiton. The power elite in Washington control the flow of information, which is money, and wouldn't give a fig about our Republic if it weren't for those pesky constitutional issues. They will chew up and then use the bumpkins from Chicago until they have no more use for them. If Chicago is the sympton that "government of the people, by the people, for the people" is ill, Washington, DC is the virus which may cause it to perish.

Unfortunately, Hot Rod Blagojevich won't be going to Washington. He forgot the cardinal rule of Chicago where watching your watchers and having their watchers in your employ is not just a neccessity, but is in his union contract. Well, at least he should have peers to commiserate with in the Governor's Wing of the state penitentiary. At least he is still breathing. For now.