Sunday, April 25, 2010

Death Panels, Just Normal Govt Incompetence Or Bureaucratic Snittiness?

Welcome to Obama's new world of bureaucrats deciding your health.

Cancer survivor barred from NHS treatment for paying private doctor to ease her spinal pain

Will Dr. Kevorkian be the new health czar?

Music Passion

Big Jay McNeely playing on his back, Los Angeles, 1951 - Bob Willoughby

Chris Dodd Produces? What?

Chris Dodd is on MTP with Richard Shelby talking about Wall Street reform. Shelby stated that Wall Street has to stop their casino mentality because that is gambling. Hah! Huh? Rich shouldn't think out loud. It is embarrassing.

Dodd says that Wall Street makes nothing and produces nothing. Huh? Oh, kinda like you Chris.

Of course, Wall Street does make something. In fact it makes and produces a most valuable commodity. Money. If Chris is unaware of the concept of actually making money, all he has to do is look at his contributor list. It is filled with Wall Street money. Over $6 million.

Coronation of Gasparilla King XLI Jack Smith and Queen Gay Dantzler : Tampa, Fla.