Monday, October 25, 2010

Just How Much Did The Carter Years Suck?

First, Jimmy Carter was president. From there it went downhill.

America hasn't improved much over past 3 decades, Jimmy Carter says

I was lucky as we were able to sell our house for a profit. Up and down the street and around the neighborhood people couldn't sell and many lost their homes. In fact, I was really lucky because I hooked up with a group of fine people who supported Ronald Reagan and the politics bubbling just beneath sent me to Washington, DC.
It was there that I found out just how dismal the Carter years had been. It wasn't just his "stagflation", nor the prohibitive cost of living. Nor was it just the intentional backstabbing of allies and friends around the world. It wasn't even the dictators, liars, murderers, psychos and despots that Carter snuggle-bunnied with.
It was the sense of doom. The sense that America was dying.
And thanks to unfit "leaders" such as our current Carters we are there again. Let them fade away and America will soar and once again give hope to the world.