Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Government Help Through Urban Renewal

I have seen Urban Renewal and its results, which were/are terrible. Its blight can still be viewed in cities all across America.

Urban renewal is a typical big government answer to what it perceives as a problem. The cure only makes things worse.

These photographs are of Boston's West End .

The building in the lower right in the top picture, under the Lipton's Tea sign, can also be seen in the lower right in the picture below.

Boston should sue as well as all the other cities, larger and smaller, for what big government did to them.

Corzine Propping Up Daggett To Split 'R' Vote

Corzine has Obama, in-state unions and liberal groups as well as ACORN and related groups as well as associate groups from out of state pouring into New Jersey to prop up his fading candidacy.

Now Corzine and New Jersey's Democrat Party has enlisted, abetted and financially helped "Independent" Chris Daggett for a Corzine win.

Democrats admit paying for pro-Daggett call

Joe Cryan, Democrat State Chairman for New Jersey, stated when asked if the Democrats had anything to do with the calls:

"No. Zero. Nada. No," he said.

The press decided that Cryan must be telling the truth say that the calls source was in doubt:

NJ Republicans, Democrats dispute source of automated calls for independent ...

I guess we can add the media to the long list of in state and out of state liberal groups working for Corzine.

And then there is the outright voter fraud:

Will 'ACORN" Steal The Seat For Corzine?

If Corzine pulls this out, we know how he is trying, it will be trumpeted as an Obama victory since Obama has basically moved to New Jersey of late.