Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sockpuppets In Space Or Your Sister May Be A Man

No, we're not talking about sexual identity in the real world nor are we just talking about that Internet friend who kindly tries to slit your throat while appearing as someone else. We've all heard the joke about the luscious woman typing sweet nothings (or salacious vulgarities) while "she” chomps on a cigar while spilling beer on a hairy potbelly and boxer shorts. Yes, there is also the buffoon who appears to be someone else to better pontificate and state a partial agreement comment “just to get an honest response."

You might call them Sockpuppets From Hell, but I like to think of them as sockpuppets in space because that is all they are.

Fakes in space. Fakes in life. Who knew your sister might be a man. You dog.

Dork In A Pink Dress At Wisconsin Protest-What's His Name?

What an indicative jerk. At what point will the left throw these people out and start anew? In the meantime I wonder what his name is.