Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lockerbie Bomber Served Less Than 12 Days For Each Murder Victim

Compassion for a "family man: first and foremost"? Of course, there are no "guilty" people in prison, are there?

Lockerbie bomber flies home to die after being released
Al-Megrahi pleaded to die with his family in Libya in an emotional letter to Mr MacAskill. He said: “I am terminally ill with no prospect of recovery.

“I am a family man: first and foremost I am a son, husband, father and grandfather. It would be my wish to return to my family to spend the short time that I have left with them.

“I have been separated from my family as a result of what I consider to be an unjust conviction. I have tried to bear that with a degree of equanimity and dignity.”

Tell me, is that a flat rate of 72 virgins or 72 virgins for each death? Being a family man, he probably wants to know. Being compassionate and all, he wants to be near mama and the kids just before he gets his bribe reward.

NYTs: ObamasCare Should Scare Elderly

Wow, when the Uptown Daily Worker caves to the VRWC, the end is near.

A Basis Is Seen for Some Health Plan Fears Among the Elderly

See what happens when Obama is on vacation? The reason and logic of the brave new change just falls apart.

Mother Earth Shows Scorn For Obama And Clintons