Monday, March 02, 2009

Limbaugh Suffers From Low Esteem?

via American Power

Janeane Garofalo, owner of "I Hate Mysef Productions", knows that she is a better person than Rush. As one comedienne to another, she told Countdown's Keith Olbermann that her being a better person is a "scientific fact."

Whoa, with science behind her, I feel so much better.

Garofalo also hates Gov. Palin. As the owner of 15 beautiful tattoos, Garofalo pretty much hates anybody that is not a leftists which gives her so much quality time to hate the majority of people in this country.

Recently, she had the time to join a hate huddle with Mr Positive, Bill Maher:

Nearby, actress and comedian Janeane Garofalo was sitting down at Mr. Maher’s lunch table, looking as though she’d stepped off the set of her 1994 movie Reality Bites—layered tank tops, dark wavy hair, kitten glasses, tattoos exposed.

“I’m an atheist. I used to say agnostic but then I realized that I only said that out of fear,” she told the Transom. “I just thought it wasn’t fair to say ‘just in case there is a God.’ If I’m wrong, I’d rather be wrong all the way rather than claim to be agnostic to save my own ass.” Ms. Garofalo said she grew up in a strict conservative household and was a member of the Catholic Youth Organization until she was in college.

“It’s difficult to bring faith into Washington because it’s not debatable,” she continued. “If it was the religion of Martin Luther King or Jimmy Carter, that would be nice. They were nice about it.”

I've a friend that has had a tremendous amount of self inflicted problems as her self loathing and lying become her two most prominent features. She wants to now become a psychological counselor.

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