Monday, January 31, 2011

Obama's HealthCare Individual Mandate Is Unconstitutional!

Just out - since the mandate is unconstitutional the entire act is unconstitutional. No stay was granted.

He ruled that Congress over stepped its boundary by forcing individuals to purchase anything.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Is Anti-American

In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood is the father of al Qeada.

Jordan's opposition: Arabs will topple tyrants

The leader of Jordan's powerful Muslim Brotherhood warned Saturday that unrest in Egypt will spread across the Mideast and Arabs will topple leaders allied with the United States.

They were allies of the Nazis is WWII, fomented terror in british controlled Palestine and even though the Brotherhood maintains they are nonviolent they have a long documented history of terror, murder and assassination.
They are not pro-democracy. They are anti-Israel. They are anti-American. They are just another way to spell Jihad.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hempstead Pike

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Will Obama Lose The Egyptian Revolution Like Carter Lost The Iranian Revolution?

Yep. Pro-democracy forces needing our help will not get that help and another Islamic Bananna Republic will be set up by another Ayatollah Khomeini.

It's like Obama and Carter were twins separated at birth. Who got the left side of the brain?

I think another set of twins separated at birth were Billy Carter and Jabberin' Joe Biden. At least Billy had beer going for him.

Buffoons all.

Enviromental Expertise Worth About A Buck Two Ninety Eight

And that amount of environmental expertise is funded with billions of our dollars. Somebody is gettin' screwed.

Himalayan glaciers not melting because of climate change, report finds

Himalayan glaciers are actually advancing rather than retreating, claims the first major study since a controversial UN report said they would be melted within quarter of a century.

The environmentalists do have the UN on their side, but what could go wrong with that?

Palin 2, Lefties 0

There are so many points which lefties hoped to take down Sarah Palin. Each time they failed. Each time they proved that they, not Palin, were the ones ignorant of history. Each time they became more frustrated and descended further into ignorance and madness as they squirmed to explain themselves. It's kind of beautiful to watch.

 Soviet space expert James Oberg

It's more complicated, but the essence is, Palin was right: the Soviets sowed the seed of their own collapse by setting off the Space Race.

Before this there was the 1773 moment. Lefties pounced faster than the Right assassinated Rep. Giffords crowd. Their ignorance of significant events in the birth of the United States was stupefying.

Hubris, Nemesis, and Partying Like It’s 1773

When Sarah Palin told a Tea Party crowd last Monday that it wasn’t time yet to “party like it’s 1773,” segments of the left such as Kos’s founder Markos Moulitsas chortled at her supposed stupidity. Their kneejerk assumption was that Palin was so ignorant that she didn’t even know the date of early events in the American Revolution. But since it was actually the Boston Tea Party (1773) to which she was referring, it was Sarah who had the last laugh.

More stupefying is their sense of being part of the intellectual elite which allows them to feel, and thus imply Sarah Palin as trailer trash in the nicest of Daisy Duke traditions that make elites so witty and condescending.

Well, Palin is setting her own tradition. She's 2 for 2 and those intellectual elites are 0 for 0 and it's making them crazier than an outhouse rat in a red hot barrel. With no way out.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ill Supreme Court Sez Rahm Emanuel On Ballot

Gee, who da thunk? A Schicago machine pol asks for a ruling and viola, the Ill Supremes say here ya go.

We discussed this before here.

HUD = Hookers & Unsavory Dead

Add in paying for belly dancers, mismanagement, sex offenders, embezzlement, employee bonuses, cost-of-living increases and severance awards and children damaged for life, to name a few, and you have a perfect example of government agencies too big, too corrupt and too stupid to do any job right.

Public Housing, Private Frustration
HUD-Funded Housing Projects Wasted Money on Belly Dancers, Sex Offenders and Dead Residents

Read the whole article. If ObamaCare becomes a reality maybe doctors and you may suffer, but some administrator will probably have a "million dollar mansion in Florida, with a Lamborghini and BMW parked out front."

UPDATE: Link was missing, but now fixed thanks to a heads up from Zilla. You can read her here and here.

Richard Avedon's Twiggy

Richard Avedon

Obama To Push Gun Control

He purposely left any mention out of the SOTU preferring to speak of high speed trains and proposals of economic responsibility which will be the last we ever hear that.

Newsweek has this to say:

But throughout the hourlong speech, he never addressed the issue at the core of the Giffords tragedy—gun control—and what lawmakers would, or should, do to reform American firearm-access laws.

No, gun control is not the core issue. If they wanted to speak about a nut that was allowed to roam free even though authorities knew him to be dangerous as the core issue then they'd have a point. But nuts being confined doesn't fit the meme.

That was intentional, according to the White House. An administration official says Obama didn’t mention guns in his speech because of the omnipresent controversy surrounding the Second Amendment and gun control. Tuesday’s speech was designed to be more about the economy and how, as Obama repeated nine times, the U.S. could “win the future.”

But in the next two weeks, the White House will unveil a new gun-control effort in which it will urge Congress to strengthen current laws, which now allow some mentally unstable people, such as alleged Arizona shooter Jared Loughner, to obtain certain assault weapons, in some cases without even a background check.

Poor Rep. Giffords, a second amendment supporter, will once again be used by the Obama administration to further another goal. They want Obama's economic policy and his abysmal SOTU address off the front pages so they'll use Giffords to that end plus they can use the media to paint those opposing such gun control efforts as heartless and evil. Double win!

If they can chip away at the 2nd amendment, well, that's a bonus.

Meghan McCain Says Michelle Bachman Is Poor Man's Sarah Palin

Classy bimbette Meghan  'Who the hell is Sarah Palin?' McCain says that Bachman is a poor man's Palin and if she thinks Palin is trailer trash, as she has implied, then what must she really think of Bachman?

Meghan states that Palin brought "drama, stress, complications, panic and loads of uncertainty" to her father's presidential campaign. Maybe the thought of one day getting all that beer money has clouded her thinking because Palin also brought a lot more votes to the ticket. Maybe she's just projecting about her Xanax problem. Talk about bringing stress to a campaign.

Maybe Meghan is stuck in the first act of Xanadu. Meg, keep dreaming of someday.

Monkey Butt

Couldn't resist.

Congressman: We Shouldn't Focus On Muslims In War On Terror

Lutherans threaten America
Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), ranking member on the Homeland Security Committee, wrote:

We cannot cripple ourselves by ignoring the fact that terrorist activity knows no race, ethnicity or religion.

He was writing to say that there are other terrorist group and that House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King (R-N.Y.)  should not focus on just Muslims. While there are obviously dangerous groups such as Lunatic Lutherans planning death to America I think their numbers and organization might not be up to par with Muslim jihadists though, if lutefisk sales start rising like the cost of oil, then we may have a problem, but I don't think King is focusing on just Muslims. He is focusing on them because they have been behind murder and death all over the world, but I'm thinking that there is general knowledge of other terrorists.

I don't know much about Bennie, but it appears that only MLK or Malcom X could beat him so his district is pretty safe for him. So safe he can play stupid and dangerous political games with the security of the United States of America.

I'd say that Bennie Thompson is the Olbermann of the week.

Unemployment: 454,000 Get Bucks But No Work

Those stimuli are working overtime making America stronger, eh?

Pundits, even conservatives, are saying that Obama will be reelected in 2012.

Now I know what Obama was referring to with his WTF.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aunt Samantha Sucker Punched Uncle Sam, She's Now In Charge w/Update From ManBearPig's Sibling

And she is going to make the world safe whether you like it or not. Behave or Auntie will spank you with court papers and new laws. Auntie loves you. You cretin. You'll understand some day.

Lawyers and lawsuits shut down prime sledding hills...
NYC Lawmaker Proposes Ban On 'Talking And Walking'...
Mom jailed for enrolling kids in better school district...

And Aunt Samantha ain't just shutting down lunches that your kid might like, she's suing the shorts off anyone who tells her where to shove her nannanista ways.

And she has the federal government as her junk yard dog to help show you the errors of your ways.

ManBearPig's sib, NanBarePrig, Dennis Kucinich is suing because the caddy health care plan left him short in the enjoyment and pain department after oral surgery which he say's is the House cafeteria's fault. It's not clear if pain and enjoyment were listed in the same catagory, but it's the pits for sure! Auntie Samantha couldn't fix it with just a gold plated plan so let's get to suing somebody!

SOTU Poll - Yawning Voters W/ Update

The state of the union appears to be listing to one side as the ship of state is porting into any harbor it can find. This, then, is a wrap up of the tempest in a teapot called the SOTU:

Fox News - 'FLAT'
CBS - Obama: "The Future is Ours to Win"
CBS Poll - Poll: High Marks for Obama's State of the Union Speech  91% loved it say they!
ABC - State of the Union 2011: Obama Emphasizes Bipartisanship to Promote Jobs, Growth, Innovation
NBC - A new spirit in Washington, but same old divisions linger
AP - State of the Union stirs current of hope, doubt

But, but, but...AP - Fact check: Obama ledger out of balance

Bottom Feeders -

SOTU - Infrastructure/Innovation
Randy Andy Sullivan appears to have spent the evening elsewhere. Probably researching his own high speed train proposal(s).
From Ezra of the "I" generation - Lots of vision, but few policy specifics

Top Feeders -

IA Poll (including household, blogs and the Internet):

BUST! - Shoulda gone bowling. Alone. Better use of time.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama SOTU Speech A Bust

Spoke in blandishments.

Tried to hide more entitlements.

Spoke of deeds he will never do.

A waste of many minutes.

Pundits Wrong About Reagan And Obama

Obama never mentioned Reagan let alone praised Reagan.

Musta come to his senses. Any mention of Reagan would have put the lie to his administration.

SOTU Off The Rails

Bam Bam has gone completely la la.

Trying to wrap up a completely disingenuous SOTU Obama is now dribbling.

To wrap up Obama is showing his support of the troops by promising to give them what they need to fight which is giving them the right to be openly gay.

Now he wants to talk about no illusions.

Our democracy is messy, but good!

Panadering in the fast lane.

We do big things. That is how we win the future.

By spending trillions we don't have?

Oh, BTW our union is strong.....

What a crock.

No Real Cuts, No Real Tax Cuts, Just Rhetoric As Usual.

Now is the time to act, for Republicans and Democrats to do abosutely squat to make us more efficient and better people.

Big joke about being smoked referring to salmon.

Love that humor.

Obama is going to reorganize government and will allow every citizen to see online just how wonderful government is.

For the third time Obama says he will veto any bill with earmarks. Waiting.

As Obama tells us that America's leadership has been renewed and the world now loves us once again Jabberin' Joe is falling asleep.

Biden should be falling asleep because Obama has switched into his "I wanna be Bush" mode complete with coaltion talk, but without reality.

In short, Obama will defeat the enemy even though he can't defeat Republicans.

On to nuke talk. Always a great talking point for one who has the wind in his face.

Health Care Reform And Balanced Budget Lies

Obama is pulling out the sick to try and save his ObamaScare. He has to if he has any chance of reeelection.

So he builds his case on lies.

Building on one lie to another he moves to lessening our debt and balancing our budgets.

He's willing to cut, but only on his terms and referenced by his catchy little phrases (see list of supporters who gave the big bucks) he wants to cut programs that he never in a minute will ever cut, but Obama is going all bi-partisan.


Lower The Corporate Tax Rate????

Liberal heads exploding nationwide.

Will it happen?


Is Obama campaigning or is he telling the truth?

Yes and no.

High Speed Rail And Internet?

Even Biden can't get excited. Maybe he'll promise ice cream to all children and then tonight double his efforts to ensure that promise.

High speed rail for 80% of Americans without the grab and grope.

What a lie of a promise that will never want because no one wants it nor do they want to pay for it. 

Highest Proportion Of College Graduates In The World.

BS. Not in your administration.

Thus we must give citizenship to illegal immigrants to save America.


Good Lord, A Call For Another 100,000 Teachers

Unions? I guess.

Pandering going ballistic.

"We'll Show You The Money"

How presidential. Speaking of what will never really happen in education Obama said show us the new idea and we'll show you the money.

What baloney.

Some of the dates aren't standing with their partners.

First Blush of SOTU- Fluff-lite

What crap.

Obama quotes, cites and lies about what may have been and trashes what is. What a political loser

Lord, let me not smash my TV.

Payola? Rahmbo Back On the Ballot

He's back! It was interesting that in a press conference he immediately got his spin going by saying that what is important is the companies that have left Schicago in the last year and the companies that will come to Schicago in the next year. Like, is Rahmbo going to change the tax, spend and corrupt atmosphere in Schicago and Illinois?
Maybe Rahmbo will get Cook County exempted from the new state taxes. Maybe certain children (cough, cough) will get cushy jobs with one of the new companies Rahmbo will be getting to come to Schicago.

Maybe this ruling stinks of something other than the law.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Taft Museum (Cincinnati, Ohio, United States)

Robert Louis Stevenson

John Singer Sargent - 1887
Painting - oil on canvas

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Has The Main Stream Media Spiked Story About A(nother) Left Wing Assassin

Casey Bresik. Hopeful assassin. Increasingly the face of the left. He slit the throat of a college dean thinking it was the governor. He was dressed for the part in dark clothes. The media has hidden this story for months. By omission they are liars. And accomplices.

Wrong. People such as Bresik have always been the true face of leftists. Crazed, not right in the head and angry. The main stream media is threatened by this face. Actually, most threatened is the message, rightfully so, and the main stream media believes it may fail because the average human would be repelled if they thought a Bresik represented that message.

Casey Bresik is a failure because he is nuts, stupid and entirely unable to form a sane thought so he became a leftist.

American Power has a much better post on this and I suggest if you want to better understand this spiking of a story by the main stream media, you read it and follow the links.

A Specific Example Of How Unions & Govt Are Killing The American Dream

I agree with most of this article except where Mr. Augustine calls for more government intervention in education. I read this because a friend wrote to me about how unfair conservatives are to unions and government. I still disagree.

Danger: America Is Losing Its Edge In Innovation

Part of the problem is the lack of priority U.S. parents place on core education. But there are also problems inherent in our public education system. We simply don’t have enough qualified math and science teachers. Many of those teaching math and science have never taken a university-level course in those subjects.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher; in fact, I took early retirement from my job in the aerospace industry to pursue a career in education. But I was deemed unqualified to teach 8th-grade math in any school in my state. Ironically, I was welcomed to the faculty at Princeton University, where the student newspaper ranked my course as one of 10 that every undergraduate should take.

Schools need to be filled with teachers that excel in the knowledge of what they teach, not excel in what teacher's unions feel is necessary to be a good teacher. Some of the most disagreeable teachers that taught classes in which I was a student taught me the most. Many of the most agreeable teachers I had taught me little because they were the student's friend in place of the student's teacher.

Many engineers are entrepreneurs who delight in discovery, invention and profit from those discoveries and inventions. Many cannot afford to be entrepreneurs because of government rules, regulations and laws that do not protect their work and tax it at prohibitive rates.

Unions and government, which are becoming the same thing, are killing our innovation and hard work ethic which are the bedrock of the American dream. The punishment of innovators by government and the mediocrity of unions is a very bad partnership, but who doesn't know that.

MoveOn & Liberal/Progressive Groups Stealing Pepsi Charity Money From Kids With Cancer

Stealing from taxpayers isn't enough it seems, so liberal and union groups are gaming the system using their political operations to win charity donations Pepsi to be used for political purposes.

They are using politics to steal from real charities, like Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation, to fatten their campaign coffers.

Pepsi Refresh Contestant Claims Rules Were Broken

Groups belonging to the Progressive Slate, many of which are skilled at voter registration and community organizing, are collectively working to help each other win the contest. The strategy is proving successful: as of Thursday evening, eight of the top 10 contestants in the $50,000 category were Slate members, and two members were among the top five contestants vying for $250,000.

Many of their Web sites promote liberal agendas, featuring comments from, recommending, and displaying membership lists that include labor unions.

They are led by the Center for Progressive Leadership, a nonprofit group whose eight-member board includes two Democratic members of the House of Representatives; Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a Democrat and the former lieutenant governor of Maryland; Matt Dunn, a Democrat who failed to win the party’s nomination to be governor of Vermont; and Mike Lux, a Democratic political operative who helped found the organization.

It appears Progressives will stoop to any low to get money, even cheat kids with cancer out of their hope to get well.

As Usual, Experts Wrong About Tunisian Revolution And Freedom

Govt Should Not Be In The Drug Business

This is a huge example of what government should not be doing, especially since it was government that created the need they are now attempting to fill.

Federal agency to spearhead new drug-development center

The Obama administration has become so concerned about the slowing pace of new drugs coming out of the pharmaceutical industry that officials have decided to start a billion-dollar government drug development center to help create medicines.

The new effort comes as many large drugmakers, unable to find enough new drugs, are paring back research. Promising discoveries in such illnesses as depression and Parkinson's that once would have led to clinical trials are instead going unexplored because companies have neither the will nor the resources to undertake the effort. Drug companies have typically spent twice as much on marketing as on research, a business model that is increasingly suspect.

The line I highlight in bold is such a false statement that I am appalled it made it into print. Big Pharma doesn't have the "will" to make more money through the development of new drugs? Hah! I thought this was the big complaint about Big Pharma, that they actually wanted to make a profit from their research and development. Lack of "will" is a false flag denoting they don't care which is a lie.

That they don't have the "resources" might be true in the sense that the federal government has crippled them with rules, regulations, taxes and lawsuits. In fact, Big Pharma is not going to produce new drugs with which they can not only not make money, but may get them sued, put in prison and put out of business. Thanks Big Government for what you have done for us by hurting Big Pharma.

Government should not be in competition with the private sector. They do a lousy job, cost jobs and flatten the market for anything new and good.

Ron Paul Fails To Win New Hampshire Straw Poll

The RonPaulian cult rEvolution was unable to upset RomneyCare in the NH straw poll of delegates to the annual meeting of the New Hampshire Republican Party. RomneyCare won over a 3 - 1 advantage as the bi-polar delegates voted in Tea Partier Jack Kimball to head the state committee.

In other NH news, they all decided to recoat the capital dome in sugar free chocolate for the health of the children.

Why Isn't Social Security Money In A Separate Account Of Its Own?

How much money would have been accumulated if politicians hadn't taken our SS payments from us and spent them on projects (pork) they wanted for their reelections?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Herr Olbermann and his over-the-top fan nuts w/UPDATE

Keith Olbermann gives abrupt goodbye to MSNBC show

There is already a fan page on Facebook demanding he be brought back!

Keith was and still is the best of us...and now it's our turn to step up to the plate. We cannot allow this to continue...because soon we will have 500 channels of Conservative Pravda going on 24/7 if we don't fight.

We can write, call, or do whatever. Hell, let's march on the Capitol...100,000 strong for Keith. If Glenn Beck can do it, so can we.

Maybe Pelosi will form a new committee to investigate the ruination of entertainment news in America. Sometimes life is beautiful.

UPDATE: Herr Olbermann set up the page himself! How rich is that...
Get yourself fired after quitting a few times, make your network look like a loser, whine like a baby for more money to embarrass your network and political causes even more and then set up a Facebook page to appear the victim. Fits his politics and his multi-millionaire liberal lifestyle perfectly.

Friday, January 21, 2011


No Proof Obama Born In Hawaii?

This clown posse could screw up a sure thing.

Hawaii governor claims record of Obama's birth 'exists in archives' but can't produce the vital document

What was the pressing necessity for this fellow to open his mouth in the first place? Boy, Rahm leaves for just a few minutes and these clowns are falling over each other in their successful attempts to look foolish for no other reason than to look foolish. But Hey! It keeps them in the news, eh?

UPDATE: Ask and ye shall be answered. The clown gov of HI is an exhippie marxist who hates our military as well as the American way of life. That'd be proof A that he ain't quite right in the head. Proof B would be that when he is spouting hig political agenda the press yawns, and the man do love his press, so he goes half cocked and starts talking about whether Obama is really an American.

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie Is A Marxist

via I Own The World

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life Without Liberals, Progressives, Socialists & Progressives Is Within Reach!

daILyKoS has a little project called "Ignore Sarah Palin Week". Cute, no? They swear if they see, hear or read about her they're going to bug off. That sounds delightful. It's only for a week, but it is a start.

Abortion Stops A Beating Heart

There is an abortion debate. Has been. For a while.

It used to be a debate about whether a child was a child while still in the womb. Did it have a soul? Could it feel pain.

Then the debate entered the area of partial birth abortion.

Now the debate is whether a child is a child outside the womb as The Other McCain discusses.

Doesn't matter, this "debate."

Every abortion stops a beating heart.

Lobster, Aged Beef, Sparkling Wine & Glitterati For Hu, But No Jobs For You

Food inflation, those Nazi-Republicans, and low expectations for jobs forced them to forgo eating cake.

Jackie Chan, Barbra Streisand lead Hu state dinner guests

Action star Jackie Chan and pop diva Barbra Streisand topped a guest list including three presidents and political and media elites at a US state dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao Wednesday.

At the request of the Chinese side, the menu for the dinner honoring Hu, after a day of frank talks at the White House, was quintessentially American fare, such as poached Maine lobster and dry-aged rib eye with creamed spinach.

And nothing could be more American than the old fashioned apple pie offered as dessert in a final flourish for a meal washed down with a selection of wines from California and Washington state.

Hu, wearing a business suit, posed with President Barack Obama, in black tie, and First Lady Michelle Obama, who was wearing a flowing red and black off-the-shoulder dress, after arriving at the North Portico of the White House.

All of the swirling gowns and fine music obscured the looming guillotine waiting to drop. But there was pie.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Huffington, Maddow And Frank Rich With Obama?

Secret meeting? Have there been more? Maybe Helen Thomas, Deborah Solomon, Andrew Sullivan will next partner up with Obama for a super secret meeting. Just to catch up.

O summons journos

You don't know this, because few know this because it's secret because nobody wants anybody to know this because who knows why? A pack of wide open tonsils like Frank Rich, Arianna Huffington, Rachel Maddow were imported to the White House for a hear all, tell all, blab all q.t. meeting. It's been by deliberation unreported. And the raison d'etre? So America's Talker-in-Chief can brainpick, monitor their views, borrow ideas, pin the tail on the conservatives and get re-elected.

Key question, was Michelle out of town?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Americans Should Wish Iranians A Happy Valentine's Day!

Just to show the love we have for Chairman Short and his band of merry mullahs we should all send cards, roses or emails to Iranians.

Iran bans production of Valentine's Day gifts...

Nothing says love to an Iranian like the color red.

White House Defines Trash And Treasure

You decide which they think is trash.

One got feted by Obama and the other got set out with the garbage.

Dear Government, Where's The Damn Money Gone?

Dear Government,

Everyday you get and spend billions of dollars. From coast to shining coast the money flows like honey to and from one government entity to another with some falling into the economy.

Each hour people pay taxes on everything they eat, drink, think, sell, buy, drive, see and touch. Each minute we hear dire economic news, police being laid off, schools closing, firemen without equipment, hospital shortages and banks being closed.

Where is the damn money going if it is not going to fix those things we pay taxes for? Please don't put some bureaucrat on TV spouting micro this and macro that and the needs of left winged pouty puss wrens. Make it simple. It's time for you dear government to offer some explanations.

You have spent trillions and we got nothing to show for it? Why? Who spent it and is spending it as we speak? Where's it being spent?

We'd like to know instead of you all making speeches about nothing. Where did the damn money go?

Your employer

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bravo Don Surber! Lefties, Bite Me With your Civility Crap (On Your Terms, Of Course)

I do not want civil discourse

For a decade, from the election of Bush 43 forward, the Left has lied and cheated as it tried to return to power. Al Gore made a mockery out of the American electoral system by being a spoilsport over Florida, which Bush indeed won by 537 votes. Dan Rather forged a document to try to derail Bush’s re-election. Twice Democrats stole U.S. senators from the Republicans. After voting to support the war to get by the 2002 election, many Democrats quickly soured on the war. The profane protests were cheered by liberals who misattributed “dissent is the highest form of patriotism”to Thomas Jefferson; the words belong to the late historian Howard Zinn.

Once in power, liberals were the opposite of gracious.

For two years now, I have been called ignorant, racist, angry and violent by the left. The very foul-mouthed protesters of Bush dare to now label my words as “hate speech.”

Last week, the left quickly blamed the right for the national tragedy of a shooting spree by a madman who never watched Fox News, never listened to Rush Limbaugh and likely did not know who Sarah Palin is.

Fortunately, the American public rejected out of hand that idiotic notion that the right was responsible.

Rather than apologize, the left wants to change the tone of the political debate.

The left suddenly wants civil discourse.

Bite me.

The left wants to play games of semantics.

Bite me.

The left wants us to be civil — after being so uncivil for a decade.

Bite me.

There is grown-up work to do now. Liberals ran up the federal credit card, destroyed the American medical system and undermined the rule of law — which is the foundation of capitalism — with a bunch of unconstitutional fiats from the president and his bureaucracy.

The economy is a mess. The president “inherited” a 7.6% unemployment rate. It’s now 9.4% — after we spent a record $787 billion on a stimulus.

I was not consulted on that stimulus. I had a very good argument against it. I said the money supply was too large and printing more money would fail. I said let the economic downturn run its course.

Lefties were too busy celebrating the 2008 election to listen.

When people protested lefties made vulgar remarks about tea-bagging and giggled.

So screw you and your civil discourse.

I don’t want to hear it.

I have been screamed at for 10 years.

It’s my turn now. I am not going to scream back. But I refuse to allow anyone to dictate what I say or how I say it. I refuse to allow the same foul-mouthed, foul-spirited foul people who dumped on me to now try to tell me what I may or may not say.

My free speech matters more than the feelings of anyone on the left. You don’t like what I say? Tough.

I will not allow people to label my words Hate Speech or try to lecture me on civility. I saw the lefty signs. The left’s definition of civil discourse is surreal.

We have a terribly unfit president who has expanded government control beyond not only what is constitutional but what is healthy for our freedom.

Indeed, this call for civil discourse is itself a direct threat to my free speech.

So screw you.

You don’t like my words? You don’t like my tone? You feel threatened?

Too bad.


Actually, that is what I want. I want the lefties to feel bad. I want them to feel hurt. I want them to cry to their mommies.

That way the field will be cleared so we grown-ups can fix the nation and the economy. If you can’t put up with a little excrement, get the hell out of the barn.

Bill Maher And The Founding Fathers. Not A Match Made In Heaven.

via Tony Phyrillas! » Maher: Founding Fathers Would Have Hated 'Teabaggers' Guts

Actually, the Founding Fathers would have hated Bill Maher's guts. Well, maybe not. They might have listened for a minute or two and then ignored him forever after that. When building a new nation why would they want to be around a loser?

Matthews, Krugman, Moulitsas, Olbermann & Other Lefties Get Support On Tea Party Link To Giffords Shooting

Yep, and how apropos that they get support from Communist Party USA.

Communist Party mourns victims in AZ shooting; Decries incitement

Yet, the link to rhetoric and violence doesn't end with the Palin and her tea party. It extends to the political leadership of Arizona and the Republican Party, who have fomented laws and policies that logically lead to violence. Starting with the anti-immigrant SB 1070 and banning ethnic studies, leaders like Governor Jan Brewer, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio have to take as much responsibility for this violence as Palin and her cohorts. All their condolences ring hollow because of their callous inflammatory rhetoric and romanticization of guns and "Second Amendment remedies". Arizona is burning. It is Ground Zero for this extreme far-right, and their corporate, multi-billionaire sponsors. In the words of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik in responding to political mood leading to the shooting shooting, "Arizona I think has become the capital. We have become the mecca for prejudice and bigotry."

They should be so proud! They should be members if they already aren't because they deserve each other. Clowns. Losers.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Government Out Of Control


U.S. bills cash-strapped states $1.3 billion...
Comprehensive List of Tax Hikes in Obamacare...
Feds threaten to sue states over union laws...
Houston stops couple's outreach to homeless; Must have 'feeding' permit...
City Of Detroit Sends Out 60,000 Incorrect Property Tax Bills...
Judge rules inmate 'bitten on penis by rodent' may sue...
Wrestling Coach Put on Leave for Insulting Obama, Challenging Him to Fight...
Middle School Bans Sledding Down Dangerous Hill...
School Hands Out Misdemeanor Tickets To Elementary School Students...
Freedom 'in decline worldwide'...
Missouri blogger claims FBI intimidation...

Too much debt, too much government and too much government power. I believe our Founders warned us about this.

"To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."
"And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale."

Thomas Jefferson, Letter to John Taylor, May 28, 1816

Friday, January 14, 2011

$5 Gas. When Will Our Congress Support US?


It really does seem that Congress is purposely trying to hurt us and kill our country. I'm pretty sure that was not the intended purpose of Congress by our founders.

Stop the bans. Lift the restrictions. On oil, on gas, on coal and on nuclear power. The United States could be the energy powerhouse of the world creating jobs, a better economy and better lives, but no, Congress can't have that.

Why isn't Congress supporting us and the US? Shouldn't they?

Most Stupid Idea Of The Year

Bipartisan seating in Congress for the State of the Union.

GOP leader endorses bipartisan seating at State of the Union

Enough with this symbolic crap. Start by repealing health care reform, Cap and Trade, the Stimulus and others. That's where bipartisanship should begin.

Partisanship is good. That's why Democrats are afraid of it.

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Rio San Moise, Venice

Those Environmentalist Kill Another Town Again

I say "those" because there is a majority of people that love their environment and then there are those that hate other people's environment. "Those" environmentalists destroy in the name of good and smugly go back to their huge offices to gather their electronic "needs", drive their cars home and sip wine before eating an expensive environmentally "safe" dinner.

Not so in the Sharples area of West Virginia.

Area coal industry leaders, lawmakers react to EPA mine permit revocation

“the Obama administration and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson are addressing the importance of environmental justice in Appalachia and taking steps to begin protecting these communities,” according to a press release issued by Earthjustice.

Justice? Right. Justice would be if these credentialed know-nothings were made to live, actually live, and work in the areas they smugly control through government decree rulings from their puppets in unnecessary departments of government such as the EPA.

President Obama is now being ruled by the monster he empowered and enlarged, called the bureaucracy, as they slap not just him, but also citizens, in the face by making him a liar. In the not too distant past the president had this to say:

“Five miles into a mountain. The only light, the lamp on their caps. Day after day they would burrow into the coal. The fruits of their labor that so often we take for granted. The electricity that lights up a convention center; that lights up our church or our home our school our office. The energy that powers our country. The energy that powers the world."

Not now. The energy that powers the world is being crushed by mere bureaucrats and naive and ignorant extremists groups like Earth Justice. A statement of purpose from Earth Justice on the ruling:

Although we are grateful for the EPA’s action today, EPA must follow through by vetoing the scores of other Corps permits that violate the Clean Water Act and that would allow mountaintop mines to lay waste to our mountains and streams.”

So, by government fiat Earth Justice wants to crush projects all over Appalachia. Just as these groups have done in the Western parts of North America they now want to include Appalachia in a system of protected areas that already include over 1/3 of the entire land mass of the United States of America. That is 1/3 of our land that not only forbids our energy future, but also is under the complete control of government. That control means that for a fee a citizen might enjoy the land for a few minutes, but they cannot produce, nor can they live, on that land. That is not only theft by government on individuals, but also theft that robs all of our citizens as the land stays fallow.

These anti-societal groups envision a land mass called the Appalachian National Park that citizens can gaze at, but not touch. The citizens will do so from cold homes which offer no comfort for the unemployed and those devastated by a ruined economy, but what will Earth Justice care? They will still have jobs in cramped expensive urban cores where they live because we will still pay through our taxes their salaries so they can mete out more "justice."

That will bring comfort to the people of Sharples.
A deserted house on a military range, Denmark.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cowardly SF 'Artist' Defies Their President To Continue The Anti-Palin Hate & Lies

Anti-Palin Posters Appear in SF

It's so cool to be underground. In a 60' sort of way. Defy the man! Question authority. Farm out.

But only if you are an ex-hippie, liberal or a self identified elite. Otherwise, you're just a hate filled conservative.

These people are such cowards and hypocrites.

Massachusetts Employs Soviet Style Food Officer For Each Restaurant

State Mandates Food Cops in Every Restaurant

Reminds me of the old joke about restaurants in the Soviet Union.

A man who went into a restaurant and ordered an item off of the menu, only to be told that it wasn’t available and that he should order another dish.  The man was indignant: I thought we had choices here, he said.  You do, the manager replied: you can order what we want you to or you can get out of this restaurant.

Ah, Massachewsets.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pep Rally, NBA Draft, Campaign Stop Or Revival?

Arizona saw a strange combination of hooting students, political figures, grieving friends and love ones and hanger ons that felt the need to just be there, ones wanting to share a momentary spotlight and some little gravitas from speakers that addressed agendas of their own.

The main speaker, President Barack Obama, spoke to a legacy of this tragedy in which he sees himself as the main character of adoration.

It was shameless.

This is the opening event of the 2012 election.

I think it was odd in an odd sort of way.

More importantly, it is good to hear that those that survived the attack by a madman are improving.

I still don't know if this was a pep rally, a NBA draft announcement, campaign stop or a revival.

It was odd at best.

American Discrimination Leaves Aliens In Limbo

Americans. How did we get so many in our country. It's nice that we have a university chancellor, from Berkeley no less, to set us straight.

Cal's Robert Birgeneau talks about Tucson shooting

In a campus-wide e-mail message, Birgeneau said: "It is not a coincidence that this calamity has occurred in a state which has legislated discrimination against undocumented persons."

He added that "this same mean-spirited xenophobia played a major role in the defeat of the Dream Act by our legislators in Washington, leaving many exceptionally talented and deserving young people, including our undocumented students, painfully in limbo."

There should be no limbo. If they are undocumented, ie illegal, their cases should move forward expeditiously with the help of Berkeley's chancellor and his nifty staff. Then deport them.

I hope this gentle person from Berkeley knows that I am not being hateful. Nor am I mimicking his peers who use hateful and violent language against those who disagree with them.

I am sure that he has rules at his establishment. I am sure he knows that the United States of America has rules. In fact he may have heard them called laws.

If he wants to encourage and reward people who knowingly break the law and he assists them he might also want to be aware that aiding and abetting a criminal in an act of crime is a crime in and of itself.

If he is not aware of this then he is stupid which makes him wholly qualified to be the Chancellor of Berkeley. But that doesn't mean anyone cares a whit what he thinks or says. And that's not discrimination, it's an observation.

TV Networks Double Down On Stuck On Stupid & Blood Libel

ABCNEWS: She 'once again has found a way to become part of the story'...

CBSNEWS: 'Plays the victim card'...

NBCNEWS: 'Ignorant' for using 'blood libel' term...
After they made her part of the story blaming her for the plight of the victim(s) they attack her as being ignorant. Their ignorance of themselves, ethics and the use of a phrase such as blood libel is appalling.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Blame Gamers Have Forgotten Gabrielle Giffords

They never really needed her except for the image of a bullet hitting her skull. After that it was a simple trajectory of political blame and their game of one-upmanship to attempt to destroy their opponents. A body would have been nice, but not a necessity.

The necessity was to smash Palin or the Tea Party or Republicans or all of them in one blow that would probably have been possible before the Internet and cable when dinosaur media ruled the Democrat presses and airwaves.

The necessity now is to control the debate to win concessions concerning talk radio, net neutrality, Second Amendment rights and the Fairness Doctrine. No crisis should be wasted.

There never was nor is there a necessity to think of Gabrielle Giffords as a living breathing hurt human being. It might be a public relations convenience, but not a neccessity that she has a husband who loves her, but he makes a good backdrop of the astronaut and naval aviator. That he and other family members are in pain is really not important.

God can't answer the prayers of those that only pray at the altar of politics, but He will answer the prayers of people praying for the recovery of another human because no matter the politics they bring humanity to the altar of God.

I hope He hears my pitiful prayer that in the midst of this blame game we remember Gabrielle Giffords and all those that love her.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Personally I Abhor The Vitriolic Political Atmosphere Of Today!

Oh, wait....

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Jerrold Nadler Best Constitution Scholar Evah!

Jerrold, our bon vivant about town and from the scholarly climes of truth versus the idiotic said that the reading of the Constitution was ritualistic, ergo wrong, appears to be neither a scholar nor a knowledgeable person. Surprising? Nah.

I stole this shamelessly from The Coalition of the Swilling. It's what I envision if Jerrold was asked to quote that which he studied with Talmudic intensity which he claims he has done. Jerrold is a fool and a buffoon. But who didn't know that, eh?

ASPCA And Saccharin Overkill

I like watching home improvement shows so I can see what I should be doing if I actually got off the couch. Watching these programs one gets used to being indoctrinated by agendas not yours such as the preponderance of gay couples fixing up their houses and that all husbands are dolts. Very few of these episodes show people with pets.

So why is ASPCA flooding these shows with their ads? The ads show wounded hurting animals with sad eyes in cages that are cold and hard as musical artists like Willie Nelson and  Lilith Fair's reigning queen of emotionalism, Sarah McLachlan wail in the background to put you in the right mood to cry as you grab the phone to give away all your money to the ASPCA.

The ads play more than the ambulance chasing mesothelioma lawyer ads. They play constantly and to the point I have to stop watching and actually go do some home improvement.

I hate the ads. I detest them.

We have three dogs, all of which were abused, which we love to death and they are happy and feeling quite the family members. As I write I am surrounded by them peacefully snoring away. Well, Minnie has her right rear leg going with a yelp now and then, but with a smile.

Maybe, instead of trying to help animals or raise funds the ASPCA is trying to get gay couples and stupid husbands to adopt pets. Whatever the case Willie and Sarah are out of my music library and the ASPCA won't get another thought let alone any shekels of mine. They make sleazy lawyers and used car dealer ads showing salesmen jumping out of helicopters wearing Superman outfits look classy.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Rep Giffords Shot. DU Immediately Blames Sara Palin & Tea Party

Before the doctors can even complete their work and before the public knows the facts of this tragedy, liberal Democratic Underground has decided that Sara Palin should be tried for assassinating Rep. Giffords. They are idiots who will never waste a crisis that they believe enables them to blame those they disagree with.

My prayers are with Rep. Giffords, her staff, all those injured or killed and their families.

I am sure that Rich, Dionne, Krugman, et al are ginning up this meme already. They never let a tragedy go to waste if it benefits them and their agenda.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Misunderstanding American Conservatism Completely

I've never thought E. J. Dionne a particularly interesting or wise man, but with his newest column he has given us a clear understanding of him as a political commenter.

"Small Government" Talk is Just Rhetoric

Alas for all of us and for American conservatism in particular, the new Republican majority that took control of the House on Wednesday is embarked on an experiment in government by abstractions. Many in its ranks pride themselves on being practical business people, but they behave as professors in thrall to a few thrilling ideas.

Rhetoric. Practical. Professors. Experiment. Notwithstanding that our whole form of government is an experiment I can only guess that to Dionne there are good experiments and bad experiments and of course such declarations of success and failure should be his call. Also, I can only guess that to Dionne practical is relative, but it is an educated guess.

That leaves us with Dionne's words professor and rhetoric which are worlds and words that Dionne revels in as a practical experiment to understand the bankrupt, both financially and ethically, world the rest of us mere conservatives reside in.

Dionne could have saved us time by simply stating that he believes Republicans have already failed in all their endeavours and should immediately knuckle under to Obama, Dionne's ideological dream.

We're Spending Like A Bunch Of Sissy Euros

We might as well have money that looks like them.

Pelosi: She Will Rise Again!

Dem campaign chief: Goal is making Pelosi House Speaker again

House Democrats' goal is to make Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) the Speaker of the House again, their campaign chairman said Wednesday evening.
Elementary school in Heath, Ohio

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Atheists Ain't Got No Songs

Madhatter Of Congress (I Mean That In The Nicest Way)

Frederica Wilson (D-FL)

Wearing hats is her fashion signature and she owns a vast collection of them. She’d like a 173 year-old rule of the United States House of Representatives changed so she can wear her hats on the House floor while working during session.

via Webutante
I had to look for more pics. There are tons because she has collected hats for 30 years and believes the hats and coordinated suits (canary yellow, fire engine red, etc.) define her.
Her priority as a new member is to have rule banning hats on the floor of the House changed and wants Speaker Boehner to rescind the rule. He can't. Not by himself.
I think the whole world would like to see an American Congressman wearing a cowboy hat with a matching canary yellow suit while in the well of the House. It just screams gravitas.

Hats off to you Frederica.

Steny Hoyer Says We Are From Unhappy Families

It's a good thing he didn't just come out and call us trailer trash. I'd have to don my Oshkoshs and BB silkies and git up there to set him straight. Actually, my family was as happy as it could be where two sets of grandparents showed up regularly and my five older sisters had to put up with cutie-pie me. Fortunately I didn't have to share everything with my sisters. Maybe that's unfortunate to Steny, but I drew the line at hand-me-down Capri pants and training bras.

Hoyer: Tea Party People Come From Unhappy Families

There are a whole lot of people in the Tea Party that I see in these polls who don’t want any compromise. My presumption is they have unhappy families. All of you have been in families: single-parent, two-parents, whatever. Multiple parent and a stepfather. The fact is life is about trying to reach accommodation with one another so we can move forward. That is certainly what democracy is about. So if we are going to move forward compromise is necessary.

Fortunately for our Republic compromise is mitigated by a majority. Unfortunately, my family was never even remotely considered a democracy. Especially by Dad. Hoyer is full of hooey. And his Mom wore combat boots.

It's Official: Boehner In And Pelosi Out

The ever prescient Nana said just before the last election:

Pelosi vows: I’ll still be Speaker five weeks from now


It's Official: GOP's Boehner Is Speaker Of The House

Good riddance and good news for the nation!

Jerrold Nadler To Pick Up Mantle Of "Clown Of Congress" From Defeated Alan Grayson

Reporters, worried that classic clown fodder would no longer be available with the defeat of Alan Grayson are relieved that Jerrold of Wall Street has, without skipping a beat, continued Alan Grayson's clown act in congress with stupidly false statements.

House Republicans Say Democrats Can Join in Recitation of Constitution

The exercise, apparently prompted by loud complaints that Democratic lawmakers and the Obama administration have ignored the Constitution, has drawn ridicule in some quarters. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), former chairman of the Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution, said the GOP is treating the founding document like a "sacred text." Nadler called it a "ritualistic reading" for propaganda purposes.

It is not clear if Grayson left his famously large clown shoes for Nadler's use or if Nadler has had his own custom shoes fitted.

White House Replacement For Bob Gibbs Named

In a fig leaf of peace to Muslims here and abroad President Barack Obama today announced Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf as the replacement of Bob Gibbs as White House press secretary.

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf has been a peer of Gibbs and a highly placed White House source confirmed that al-Sahhaf has long been suspected of being Sen. John Kerry's speech writer when Gibbs also worked for Kerry.

Asked about the stunning defeat of Democrats in the last election and the installation of Rep. John Boehner as Speaker, al-Sahhaf described Boehner as "the leader of the international criminal gang of bastards," and that "God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Obama' minions."

Neither Robert Gibbs nor Nancy Pelosi could be reached for comment. Both were reported still at at the exotic Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka’upulehu in Kona on the island of Hawaii planning their leadership agenda for the 112th Congress.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Congratulations Obama, Pelosi & Reid!!


Great job morons.

Schumer Should Forgo Personal Protection Because He's A Hypocrite About Health Care Foes

Chuckie, as usual, wants to go for the cheap shot to make a point. Chuckie just works that way. Must be because kids hated him as a kid. You could say they beat the Christmas rush.

Chuckie thinks those against ObamaCare shouldn't have health care. Really Chuckie? Let's look at some of your statements and stands.

Schumer should forgo protection by the military and law enforcement officials because when the vote is important he votes against them. Oh, he votes for union supported legislation, but he votes against the line soldier and the line law enforcement officer. Always. And he votes against victims of crime, for the perpetrators of crime and against the security interests of America.

But, Chuckie wants to make a point.

Schumer: Health care foes should forgo coverage

ObamaCare foes believe that Americans should have health care coverage, but just not ObamaSocialist anti-constitution mandated care. Chuckie knows that, but wants his beautiful face to get more face time with the cameras so he runs his mouth like a child telling a fantasy.
I hope Chuckie is the face and voice of the Democratic Party for the next few years because that's all it would take for an overwhelming Republican majority in both houses.
Chuckie is a voice that is no longer relevant.

Time For Congress To Demand We Drill And Tell The Negatives To Shut Up

Why is Congress working against Americans?


It's almost as if they are abetting our enemies both domestic and foreign.

When To Realize You Have Just Become Bothersome

They say they're not against balancing our budget, they're just for taxing "rich" people more and they have a "poll" that supposedly says 61% of voters want to do that to balance the budget. Yeah, and raising taxes in Ohio will make Ohio strong when prosperity returns.

Cops, Docs, Kids and Ohio Need You

It’s no secret that Ohio's revenues have fallen behind what's needed. In response, our state has traditionally relied on reducing services that help communities and vulnerable families.

In our next budget, we face a record shortfall of up to $8 billion. Schools, police, hospitals, libraries and other critical services we all depend on face grave cuts.

One Ohio Now believes there’s a better way. By closing tax loopholes, balancing corporate responsibilities and reforming the personal income tax, we can make sure our state emerges strong when prosperity returns.

Hello? How the heck will prosperity return to Ohio when actual taxpayers are fleeing the state to states where they are permitted to keep more of what they earn?

Government Unions Could Control Us?

Yes and that's why it is incredibly stupid to allow them to exist.

Snowplow Slowdowns Might Become American Way: Kevin Hassett

I think the union leaders and their accomplices should face murder charges, given a fair trial and then hang in Times Square. But that's just me.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011: Dear Republicans

Congress is about to start again. That can be very scary to individuals. This year it is especially scary because we have been promised restraint, spending cuts and less government before. Unfortunately Republicans took the Congressional road of addiction to more spending and bigger government.

It would be easy to say that they were attracted to buildings, roads, parks and port-a-potties to be named after them. It would be easy because they are attracted to such things. They are that base.

So, this is a Dear Republican plea. Stop the spending. Stop the growth of government. Stop the bribery earmarks. Stop your desire to take from us that which we do not desire to cede to you.

Be Republicans. It isn't that difficult. Just act like you went to the local barber shop and a simple clip just cost you $20. No wash. No nails. Just a clip.

See how pissed we are?

Do your job or we'll send you home in 2012. Then you'll have to pay for your own haircut because there aren't any free taxpayer clip joints outside Washington, DC.

Sorry guys. Being American can be really tough.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Time To Finally Get Government Out Of The Booze Business

Here in Ohio the state government made a big deal, untruthfully, that they were getting out of the business of selling booze. Our family referred to the outlets a "state dairies" and the state did close their (our) outlets and got rid of or reassigned the workers, but they did not get out of the business. The state would never give up their right to nitpick, control and generally ruin anything the public likes because that is what bureaucrats live and love to do. They love to play mommy (dearest).

Liquor outlets (that's what they're called) operate on a very tight margin because the state controls the price They also control when, where and how much any sales that may occur. They also control placement of bottles, any peripherals in the store and what each store may sell or not sell. There is so much more, but I am bored with cataloging how much over reach our government(s) take.

If government wants to be my mommy I want to be able to sue my "mommy" for child abuse.

Why Shouldn't Rich People Get Tax Breaks?

A huge chunk of Americans do not pay federal taxes. Many get refunds for taxes they never paid. Many others get paid in the form of subsidies.

The top one percent of earners pay 38 percent of all federal taxes.

I believe that only those that support our country with taxes should be able to vote. Those that don't shouldn't get to vote. Why should they?

Go through your day and try to find an object, service or product that hasn't been taxed multiple times. We pay too much in taxes for too much government. Too much government that too many people don't want and don't need.

So why do rich people not deserve a tax break?