Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sherrod Brown Reversing The Flow Of History

via Weapons of Mass Discussion

When I was young, back when the earth was still cooling, there was a saying about the poor in Kentucky that were taught the 3 'Rs' in school; Readin', writin' & Rt 23 which meant that the poor of Kentucky migrated north to Ohio where the jobs were. Of course that was when Republicans were Republicans and anti-business people were Democrats. We had the mature Tafts and clowns like Sherrod Brown were run out of town on a rail.

Now, jobs and business are flowing south across the Ohio River to Kentucky where the jobs are. They are there because Kentucky not only likes business, Kentucky also likes their citizens. The business environment in once mighty Ohio is akin to post WWII Poland. It is an environment where capitalism is wrong, capitalists are evil and when the working man loses their jobs, it isn't because of onerous government policies taxing business out of business and unions making competition noncompetitive, it is the fault of business and the evil that inhabits the business offices of business.

Enter gravel voice Sherrod "The Liberal" Brown.

DHL is negotiating with UPS to transfer work from the Ohio plant to Kentucky. They're not doing this because Ohio has made them welcome. If that were the case, the jobs might be moving from Kentucky to Ohio, but according to Sherrod's thinking that would allow business to deal in business which is, of course, unacceptable. He wants to use his position to make himself an unwelcome member of management and the federal government to act as a bully to thwart DHL & UPS desire to be more competitive.

Sen. Sherrod Brown Takes Up DHL Job Fight
On Monday, United States Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) hand-delivered petitions signed by more than 9,000 members of the community to Mike Schmitt, DHL Director of Hub Operations in Wilmington.
On Monday June 30, members of the "Save Our Jobs" coalition attempted to deliver the petitions to the Wilmington facility. According to area workers and community leaders, the petitions were refused and were eventually left with a security guard. In response to DHL’s refusal to accept petitions from area families, Brown sent a letter to Schmitt on July 3.

“Regardless of whether the dismissive treatment to which these individuals were subjected stemmed from a misunderstanding or was intentional, it must be rectified immediately,” Brown wrote. “I would like to personally deliver the petitions to you and discuss your company’s future role in Wilmington.”

"[I]t must be rectified immediately"? Whoa, Sherrod, don't scare the poor guy, what with your pontificating resolve and your status as Grand Poo-Pah a vaunted defender of Ohioans. Keep this up, Sherrod, and you may be able to turn Ohio into a Blue state filled with unemployed workers on welfare. As an aside, if the petitions were left at the plant, what did Sherrod deliver the second time?

Next, Sherrod want to involve the Feds on a trumped up anti-trust charge.

Brown has also raised the DHL proposal with White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten. Brown asked the White House to appoint a senior administration official to marshal assistance on the issue. He also asked for the White House to help expedite a bipartisan, bicameral request for a Department of Justice anti-trust review. In addition, Brown discussed possible federal uses of the Wilmington facility in the event that the DHL-UPS deal goes through.

That's the ticket. Bully them Sherrod. Bring the full force of anti-business government against business. That should convince business from everywhere that Ohio is business friendly. Your back up plan is even better, make the empty facility into a federal government facility. I bet you thought of that during a warm and fuzzy evening discussing Plato with the Grand Kleagle of West Virginia, Billion Dollar Bob, aka the Appalachian Bail Byrd.

Yep, we showed Mike DeWine. That'll teach him. Maybe we can do more righteous work this coming election and put a Sherrod in the White House and fill the rest of Ohio's Republican seats with little Sherrods. Then the rest of the country will understand that Ohio is an up and coming wasteland littered with fools and anti-business neer-do-wells like our elected Senator Sherrod Brown.