Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Liberals/Progressives Justify Their Hatred Bias Via Megan McArdle

What Does Bias Look Like?

Those people offered their own alternate theories, which boiled down to:
  • Smart people are almost always liberal
  • Curiosity and interest in ideas is a liberal trait
  • Conservatives are too rigid and authoritarian to maintain the open mind required of a professor
  • Education erases false conservative ideas and turns people into liberals
  • Conservatives don't want to be professors because they're more interested in something else (money, the military)
  • Conservatives don't want to be professors because they're anti-intellectual
  • Conservatives hold false beliefs that make them ineligible to be professors
Megan McArdle has had a very interesting couple of posts on bias as practiced by liberals. I have a large contingent of family members who are professors and I, because of my work, have spent a good amount of time guest speaking at high schools and colleges. The arrogance, especially ideological arrogance, is really quite astounding.

I was once informed that my speaking to a senior civics class was so Neanderthal-like that it took the teacher a week to undo the damage I had done. It seemed that some of the students had never heard that the Civil War was not, as they had been taught, really just the "war to free the slaves" nor was there a constitutional authority to create a hyper-equal citizen that should or does receive extra special consideration under the law.

The second time I spoke at that school other teachers attended the class I was speaking with to "correct" me when I spoke heretical thoughts. It was quite a lot of fun as they had no real basic knowledge of history, law and the constitution. They just had relative outta-be thoughts and their thoughts of what people such as the Founding Fathers were really thinking as they formed our nation (think the dead white rich guy scthtick). Now they just avoid me when I speak. Well, I should say mostly they avoid me because I have become friendly with some, who while still disagreeing with me, like to speak or debate with me outside of the classroom setting. We have fun and I have learned from them. I hope I have imparted so thoughts that they have thought more about.

McArdle focused on the academic world, but it made think of life in general and specifically politics. I believe her list of points could be a liberal list of what is wrong with conservative voters.

•Smart people are almost always liberal

•Curiosity and interest in ideas is a liberal trait

•Conservatives are too rigid and authoritarian to maintain the open mind
required of a voter

•Education can erase false conservative ideas and turn good people into liberals

•Conservatives shouldn’t be voters because they’re more interested in something
else (money, the military) that is detrimental to democracy

•Conservatives are anti-intellectual voters

•Conservatives hold false beliefs that make them ineligible to be voters

Democrats Aid Progressives To Slime Opponents To Block Truth

It is constantly asked, "How low will the Democrats go"? With the help of Progressives, a euphemism for Socialists, they have set their sights on going further into the sewer than they have ever gone before.

Look for the main stream media to immediately assist these people because in the end, the media is part of the group.

Liberals launch anti-Darrell Issa crusade

The group will be run by the principals of SCN Strategies, a San Francisco-based consulting firm that produced ads last cycle for California’s Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). One of those deeply involved is Averell “Ace” Smith — who ran Hillary Clinton’s successful 2008 California and Texas primary operations and is known as one of the more cutthroat political operatives in the business.

Dan Newman of SCN Strategies, one of the three people leading the anti-Issa campaign, declines to disclose how much is being spent on the effort or who is bankrolling it, telling POLITICO it is being paid for by “patriotic Americans who don’t want to see the potential of an ethically challenged congressional investigator run amok with McCarthyesque fishing expeditions.”

The structure of the organization does not require that it disclose its funding.

But the goal is clear: Newman, Smith and the third partner, Sean Clegg, want to raise enough questions about Issa’s background and personal history that anything he turns up in probes of the Obama administration will be immediately discredited.

It is time to find out who these people are, who they are connected to, who is funding them and to find out how many crimes they have committed.