Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Democrats Eating Their Own

Just like "republicans" are doing over John McCain, Democrats are doing over their choice for their nominee.

Just as Democrats are the proud owners of liberals and progressives, Republicans are made of moderates, conservatives, libertarians and now, arrogant political morons, but back to the Democrats for a moment.

More on the Osama for Obama tees

In this is a guideline on how to ensure those that you are more closely allied to lose elections.

To the "I will not vote for McCain" crowd I say, I hope you grow up soon or we will have Osama Obama or Hellion Hillary making decisions for us all. If you are too immature, please post your address so those of us who care will know where to send their thanks.

via Dinah Lord from Gateway Pundit

Vermont & New Hampshire Citizens Vie For 'Most Arrogantly Stupid' Mantle

At a time that 50 plus million people have been freed from terrorists and our soldiers are risking their lives to not only fight on our behalf, but also to drive a wedge between extremists and the true believers of Islam, here in America there are people that are so stupid they actually spew slogans of support for the troops, hate for their mission and to impeach their Commander-in-chief.

These people are laughable and only believed by like minded idiots and their allies, our enemies.

2 Vt. Towns Approve Bush-Cheney Indictment
Attorney Lacks Authority To Make Arrest On Symbolic Vote

Everybody knows the vote is more symbolic than substantive, but organizer Kurt Daims said the one thing that people can take from this is that it can be done.

Senate candidate calls for Bush’s arrest
Calling President George Bush "the worst president in the history of the United States," Independent U.S. Senate candidate Laurie Dobson stood on the steps of Town Hall Tuesday and called upon the town to indict Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney as war criminals.

Too bad there aren't laws that allow for the indictment the criminally stupid if only to protect them from themselves.


Hillary got her huge victory in Ohio where the pesky "new" voters didn't show in the numbers the Obamer needed. In my precinct which has a liberal arts college I saw fewer students voting and a decided lack of students of color. Not much "change" for out of work and out of luck blue collars whose necks are still red and they are keeping her alive.

Texas, well, Texas shoulda, coulda been, but wasn't, but a sqeaker for Hill and the John. The Huck did well, better than expected and the Area 51 voters coptered in for a big night for the doctor. The Huck dropped out while the doctor will labor on.