Saturday, September 15, 2007

Liars Reid, Pelosi, Hillary, MoveOn, HuffPo And Kos In Bed Together

Gee, it seems as if the Democrats got the memo from Kos and HuffPo. Maybe it was tucked in a wad of cash from communist China via Hsu.

Thank you Hillary for calling Petraeus a liar!

Thank you Hillary for calling out Petraeus for what he is, a liar and a
distorter of facts. While I still prefer an Edwards/Obama ticket, I just
wanted to show some progressive blogosphere love here for Hillary for her
calling a spade a spade here, and subsequently
setting the right
wing howling

The same thanks applies to MoveOn, for their not allowing Petraeus
to parade around like some untouchable holy priest without being called on his

Petraeus is trying to help the Bushies hide their war crimes and war
lies behind Petraeus's uniform, a uniform which Petraeus has now disgraced by
his working most every MSM venue like a champion media whore.

A vital nerve must have been struck to set the right wing howling
so about their holy man Petraeus, and I think that we should get Hillary's and
MoveOn's backs on this particular issue.

So, whatever your 2008 candidate affiliation, please rec here now to show some love for Hillary and MoveOn for how they took on Bush's media whore Petraeus!

Let's see, call Petraeus a:

Liar - check
Distorter - check
Spade - check
Media whore - check

They struck my vital nerve and have set me howling? Actually, no. They are not intelligent enough, I don't mean ignorant, they are not intelligent enough to be in the same league with a gentleman soldier such as Petreaus.

I am, though, waiting for their next memo. They humor me and the electorate gets another glimpse into the fetid minds of liberals and democrats.

This group makes slime like Fonda, Hayden and Hoffman look good by comparison.