Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Reid Franken: Senator Smarm Endorses Senator Smut

Harry Reid continues to decide, in place of state voters, who will serve in his Praetorian Guard senate.

Reid: Coleman will "never ever serve"
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid offered the toughest language he has ever used in arguing that Norm Coleman’s career in the Senate is finished.

“Norm Coleman will never ever serve [again] in the Senate,” Reid told Politico’s Manu Raju. “He lost the election. He can stall things, but he'll never serve in the Senate.”

This good Mormon who stated, "I think it is much easier to be a good member of the Church and a Democrat than a good member of the Church and a Republican" , now wants the Franken and his fictional "Minnesota Institute of Titology" and sixth-grade reports on bestiality to be seated in the senate. Reid would seat Satan to gain votes.

The Mormon Church should be proud as Minnesota.

Democrats Wish To Codify Union Thuggery Into Law

The private ballot is an almost sacred right of Americans.

Unions, in an attempt to regain their dwindling power to crush business into submission, want 'card check' passed into law by the Democrat controlled congress. They expect the passage of card check as payola for all the work, money and corruption they have used to elect Democrats nationwide. Card check will legislate the private ballot as illegal. Card check will give unions the right and the power to intimidate workers in nonunion shops into becoming union members.

Reid made it apparent that the Democrats fully intend to pay the unions for their political work.

Reid: ‘I don’t work for Obama’

Reid declined to speculate as to when the controversial, union-backed “card-check” legislation will pass the upper chamber. Yet he said the bill is important to him and Obama.

“The union movement was hurt very, very badly in the Bush administration, and we are going to reverse that.”

Reid said he is interested in working with Republicans on card-check.
“But remember,” Reid said with a smile, “we think we only need two Republican votes.”

Even old liberal warhorse George McGovern knows Card check is un-American.

The control unions have on the Democrat Party will be writ large not only with the payback to the unions by the passage of card check, but by also imposing government bureaucrats, who are unionized, as those determining company contracts with workers during arbitration.

Card check will allow unions to beat nonunion workers and companies into submission and then force those companies into contracts written by union arbitrators and enforced by a congress owned by unions.

Of course Harry Reid doesn't work for Obama, he works for the unions.