Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Viking Spirit - AP calling Schmidt a winner

Wulsin should take a page from Repubilcans such as Conrad Burns and George Allen
and gracefully drop out of the race. Wait, she can't do that because she refused
to drop out on election eve when the results showed she lost. Although, she can
take a page from the Enquirer, and stick a fork in it. Vic, you lost. Get over

Viking Spirit has been all over this story. Read more,

Alcee Hastings - Machine politician

"In my mind, the facts that we have educed,(sic) the witnesses that we have
heard, the voluminous records that we have read and re-examined, convince me
that Judge Hastings has regrettably engaged in conduct constituting high crimes
and misdemeanors and that therefore we should vote this resolution of

Rep. John Conyers

Of course, do we believe John Conyers? As those wacky Libertarians say, "A vote for a lesser evil is still a vote for evil." In this case, do we believe one or none? Does it change the fact that Alcee Hastings shouldn't be in Congress let alone on a committee?

Me, I have a lot of Libertarian thoughts, but I am a two party type of guy. Three parties and you have a mess. More than three, you have France, Italy, oh hell, you have Europe. How scary is that?

Alcee Hastings is a machine politician propped up by his party, the Black Caucus and crooks. They are the machine.

Mt Elba, circa 1750

This year was the first time since I was a child that I got to see my great grandfather's family home.

Mt Elba is on the James outside Richmond and needs a lot of work, but the Boggs family has saved the house and are doing wonderful work with it.

Mt Elba, in its day, was considered small with only 25,000 contiguous acres. It was very moving to have most of our family there together for a visit.