Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boy, Have the Arrogant and Smug Obama Supporters Grown Silent

HAHAHA is what we heard from the small minds and childish commenters. That they didn't have a clue is no longer important. Romney may not win, but they were such teenagers that they bayed like asses to ridicule. Now they are silent because they fear they will lose and they never once had a backbone except when they thought an Obama victory a sure thing. They are dark bullies and sunny cowards. In short, pussy losers.

I believe Romney will win. He will win big. If he doesn't win big then there should be an investigation. This regime is a loser made of loser wannabe dictators who hand out candy to curry favor.

It isn't just that Obama is a loser, but that Obama, as a symbol of the corrupt Democratic Party, that could still steal this election and get away with it. Yes, I am saying they are that low. Liars. Thieves, Fraudsters.

If there is still some honesty I will say HAHA to all the losers that never understood what was at stake here.

Our nation.

They wanted to crow like tiny little roosters in their faculty lounges and coffee rooms. They are too arrogant to know the stakes.

Time to grow up.

I'll stand by my prediction. It is easy because they have already scurried away from their arrogance. Light and reality makes such cockroaches scared. Sissies.