Friday, January 29, 2010

Zack Space Reneging His Cap And Trade Support

Yep, time for little Zack to try to move back to the middle after voting to undermine and over tax his constituents since the last election.

Lawmakers Form Coal Caucus in Congress

By the next election day Zack should once again be just to the right of Ronald Reagan.

Queen Pelosi Vows A Health Care Reform That Her Subjects Don't Want

Food and booze Pelosi has announced after Scott Brown's taking of Ted Kennedy's that she will "let them eat cake" if they're too poor to pay for her socialized medicine program. How nice of her to deign to speak to the people in between jet trips.

U.S. Democrats vow to move ahead on healthcare

High Speed Trains From Elsewhere May Go To Nowhere

Obama is giving Ohio big money to start a high speed train system. Huh? Why? It's a big money we don't have that will spent on trains that nobody wants which will be used by crowds of people big enough to almost fill a Prius which will get people there faster and cheaper. In other words, high speed trains in Ohio is a government boondoggle just for show.

Oh, and the boondoggle will be foreign built using foreign technology.

Another tidbit not quite bantered about by supporters is that the money isn't enough to complete the system here in Ohio. Who really needs a high speed train from the wrong side of Cleveland to Blue Ball, Ohio?