Friday, May 14, 2010

John Brown Lays Moldering In His Grave, But His House Is Still Here

John Brown house. c1900.
Akron, Ohio, Summit County

Still there today.


Pieter Hugo

Dambe fighter, Kano, Nigeria 2005

Obama: Oil Leak Bush's Fault. Surprise!

Minutes ago, in his press conference to outline what his administration will do to assist in cleaning up the oil floating in the Gulf of Mexico President Obama decided that once again that any problem is somebody else's fault.

After listing the faults of the cozy relationship between government officials and oil companies Obama stated enough is enough and this will end immediately. He then stated that none of this was Ken Salazar's fault because Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, has only been in place for over a year, so now Obama will support Salazar. About time, eh?

Immediately, 30 day inspections of all deep drilling rigs will begin!

Recap: It's Bush's fault, but there is no rest for the weary, Obama to the rescue. A day late (actually weeks) and a dollar short (we have money left?). Once again Obama took no questions.

Wow! I'm glad I waited, as usual, for the president to address the nation. I feel so much better.

'Eat Sh*t And Die' Principle At Coconut Grove Elementary Defended By Superintendent

This is how NEA/union leaders surround the wagons when parents want to be part of their children's education. Something the NEA cannot allow because they, their union and the government know so much better than any parent.

Coconut Grove Elementary principal under fire for obscene e-mail sent to parent
Schuster said the incident was "unfortunate" because "this principal has been an excellent administrator at this school and has a very good performance record."

Fire them all.

Confrontational Christie Or 'Can't We All Just Get Along", sniff?

Maybe it is just speaking plainly and honestly.

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his 'confrontational tone'

Hey Wall Street, You Suck. No! No, My Aide Handles Checks

Midday, Wall Street is told just how bad they are, but by evening, like lemmings, they line up in the St. Regis hotel in midtown Manhattan to give Obama and Democrats money. Lots of it. At $50,000 a pop.

After beating up Wall Street 'fat cats,' President Obama ready to take their money in NY fund-raiser
The high-dollar affair will feature fine French food, a bevy of Wall Street titans and 23 Congress members - including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat. Trash talk the wealthy, those that make money, in fact, trash those that actually produce, make payrolls and work for what they make and then not only ask, but expect their money to support you.

Did Obama have the Presidential Suite to relax in? Maybe the Imperial Suite. Did the Democrat members of Congress snap up the Grand Luxe Room or the Madison Suite to make calls while their staff checked the official Blackberry for messages? Maybe they just went plebeian with Superior Rooms for a mere $995.00 a day.

Once they all had utilized their changing room they sauntered down to the St. Regis Ball Room for finger food, a fine cocktail or two, maybe three and then on to a delicate soup with the correct wine to compliment. Make sure one of your staff identifies the correct place card before seating. Please, don't compliment the waiter on the great dessert because it's only a palate cleanser utilized to freshen your mouth between courses. Next, will be the salad course. Do not comment that you have never seen so many damned forks (different sizes!) on a table before. Remember, it's not another dessert, it's a palate cleanser! On to the starch course and, no, it is not hash browns, it is a roasted potato in a delicate herb vinaigrette and do not ask a waiter if it comes with bacon or sausage patties. Remember, palate cleanser.....

It may seem that the meal is over because of the time until the next plate, but the main course is coming. Also, this would be a good time to stop taking other guests wine and swilling it down with a burp. There is more wine coming to especially blend with and compliment (yes, C-O-M-P, never mind, it means something good) the main course. If the main course is served in the French style with wrappings to cover the end of bones, such as a Crown Rib Roast, do not comment on the cute "bone app-a-teet" chef hats. Many of the guests will not understand your wit. To better assist in your dining pleasure, it is suggested that you wait a bit to begin eating. That way you can watch the other guests to guide you to which fork and knife to use.

Okay, now it's time for dessert. No, no wine, but there will be a digestifs served after. (yes, that is D-I-G-E, oh whatever. It's after chow booze). Maybe a Cherry Clafoutis, and Creme Brulee which you will like. Again, just watch which utensil others use.

Now that dinner is over, don't jump up and say there's a game on TV, just wait politely (P-O-L, sorry I thought...never mind). Staff will clear the table before the digestifs (Sigh, we already discussed this) and if the person clearing your table is a female, please do not slap her on the ass and tell her that the food was almost as good as your Momma makes. Again, your wit may go over her head.

Now you can go grovel, threaten or twist arms for donations from your lessers. After stuffing your pockets with money you can kick off your shoes, loosen your belt, watch a game, have a beer and relax in your suite. That's not candy in the bathroom, it is soap.