Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finkbeiner 'Too Smart' To Apologize To Little People

Council votes to apologize; resolution aims to squelch mayor vs. Marines flap
Mayor Finkbeiner’s office yesterday released dozens of e-mails sent to city hall showing support for his decision. The office received many more negative e-mails.

During his State of the City address Monday, Mr. Finkbeiner said he would choose to again cancel a Marine training exercise in downtown Toledo, despite the backlash.

Later in the day, Mr. Finkbeiner e-mailed several Marine officers a “formal invitation” back to the city.

“I have further stated my desire to have the U.S. Marine Corp. [sic] conduct training exercises in the city of Toledo, wherever appropriate, with the probable exception of the central business district,” the e-mail said.

Mr. Finkbeiner said downtown, particularly on a weekday afternoon, was not suitable for military staging operations because as many as 14,000 people would have been departing their office buildings at the same time. He also said thousands of schoolchildren would have been transferring buses downtown Friday just as the exercise was to have begun.

I would like to hear from some Toledoans about whether the heavy traffic Finkbeiner is describing is true or not. I have been told that that downtown Toledo is so dead that Hoffa's body could be kept there on weekends without a soul to see it.

Maybe the Marines should do an exercise at the Ottawa County Jail. That way Carty and Amy can kill two birds with one stone by visiting Amy's boy and watching the military exercise to make sure the mean old mawines don't scare anybody unnecessarily.

HT to Weasel