Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's Real Pig/Lipstick Meaning Even More Insulting

Outright theft from Vodka Pundit because it is so right on:

Parsing Obama
Posted by Stephen Green on September 10, 2008 at 9:06 am

I was willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt on the whole Lipsticked Pig Brouhaha. It is, after all, a very old expression. Comes from Wall Street — or at least that’s the first place I heard it, way back when. So I watched the video, and it’s pretty clear Obama was talking about McCain’s policies, and not Palin. Besides, no one who has seen her calves would ever think once about using the word “pig” to describe her.

UPDATE: Denise comments:
He wasn’t calling Sarah Palin the pig. The GOP is the pig. He was calling Palin the lipstick.

She’s right. And, right again, Denise says, “Which is if anything even more insulting.”

I stand corrected.

Ron Paul: Moron's Messiah & A Disgrace To Libertarian Thinking

Ron Paul, with the help of Bob Barr, is lowering Libertarianism and its proud history into a cesspool of laughter and derisive dismissal by voters working to really improve America. Paul has asked people disappointed by the Republican Party to vote for 'principled candidates' such as Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. Huh? Paul is a one man wrecking crew for small government.

Paul: Vote third party
Ron Paul is set to urge Americans to vote third-party candidates for president, including Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader.

Ron Paul's refusal to endorse John McCain, his urging to support Nader and McKinney and his 'different drummer shtick is exactly that, shtick. He has no desire to improve America unless, as a doctor, he thinks creating more abortions will eventually make abortion go away.

I have many times been told my views are Libertarian. They may be, but I am most assuredly not. I work for real change which has been difficult these last 8 years of Republicans acting like drunken whores in Tijuana with my checkbook. Real change happens through hard work within the party system, not taking potshots from the sidelines for personal gratification.

I strongly believe in one man, one vote and the two party system. All this third party crap is tried over and over in again in undeveloped countries and old world past their importance countries too tired to actually move forward in a positive manner. You don't win in the arena of ideas by losing. You don't cure the ill by killing them. Anyone who tells you that is, well, a Libertarian.

I have noticed in the press that Ron Paul leaves out Bob Barr when urging voters to vote for 'principle candidates.' Maybe Bob and Ron are having a tiff over ownership of "The Libertarian Cookbook" savory Snipe recipe. Whatever, no amount of Thyme will improve it.

McCain/Palin Campaigning In Ohio

John McCain and Sarah Palin campaigned in Lebanon, Ohio Tuesday and wowed the crowd reported to be more than 5,000. I estimated the crowd much larger. Inside security the downtown street was jam packed and there were thousands more outside security listening from afar.

The crowd was diverse with some that were obviously not what would normally be considered Republicans, a large number of veterans proudly wearing hats, jackets, etc identifying themselves as veterans and a ton of women chanting, "Sa-Rah."

Anthony Munoz warmed up the crowd as well as Rob Portman, Mike Dewine and others. In spite of heavy rains leading up to the event the crowd was pumped and very enthusiastic. Munoz, a USC graduate took some ribbing over the upcoming OSU/USC football game and gave up when the band started playing 'Hang On Sloopy'. The entire crowd cheered and sang along. (My son would have mesmerized those surrounding us with his B-52 voice, but he was working in Columbus and studying towards his second degree at OSU.)

A rumble went through the crowd as the people in windows and on the balcony spied McCain and Palin entering the area and broke into cheers of 'Sa-Rah', John Mc-Cain' and 'USA'. It literally sent chills to see and hear people as they strained to catch a glimpse of the nominees while cheering wildly. Rumors of Ohio turning purple or blue seemed far-fetched.

Palin spoke first, commenting that 12 Presidents, numerous Senators, House members, Supreme Court members and foreign dignitaries had all walked through the doors of the 200 year old Golden Lamb Hotel asking the crowd to make John McCain the 13th President to do so. As she spoke, constantly interrupted with cheers and chants, I watched in awe as the crowd focused intently to hear and understand her words. A campaigner's dream not often realized.

As Palin finished and McCain started to speak, the crowd began chanting "John Mc-Cain" over and over. As he made each point, the crowd inched closer applauding and cheering and chanting "zero" each time Biden or Obama were mentioned. McCain brought his A game to this event and the crowd loved it.

The day was far from over as I and the people I drove down went to local events to organize grass root efforts far different from the astro-turfing efforts of the Obama team. At these events it was ironic to hear for the first time of Obama's lipstick slap down comment against Palin so soon after seeing so many signs at the rally for 'Lipstick Moms', 'Lipstick Ladies', etc. That is what happens when you have an ex-professor in charge of a national campaign. Axlerod's ivory tower mendacity is beginning to really hurt Obama.

At each event I had the pleasure of meeting past and future campaign compatriots that are doers, not just talkers. In short order networks were setup to stretch across the state to counter the union/special interest groups bringing in paid out-of-staters to undermine the electoral process in Ohio in an effort to ensure an Obama victory.

Oh, there was a person who tried to disrupt the McCain/Palin rally, but instead of people getting mad, they laughed at the poor guy who slinked away embarrassed. Kinda wraps up the two campaigns right now.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has the story on the pitiful rally Obama had in Ohio near the McCain Palin rally.

Pit Bull With Lipstick Has Obama Treed

Another Reason To Vote For McCain

World wants Obama as president: poll

Words Of Racism About Obama

'Community Organizer' Just One More Way To Say Black
"I think the Republican Party is too smart to call Barack Obama 'black' in a sense that it would be a negative. But you can take something about his life, which I noticed they did at the Republican Convention – a 'community organizer.' They kept saying it, they kept laughing," he said.

If community organizer is racist, how about other words?

Criminal - racist
Welfare - racist
Poor - racist
Equality - racist
Diversity - racist

Uh-oh, I'm seeing a pattern here where words that describe a problem can't be used because somebody somewhere is going to yell 'racist'.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has more