Friday, August 20, 2010

Hidden Agendas To Use Capital To Destroy Capitalism

Paco has a post on the unelected who elect to rule us through privately funded groups. Mix in all of the unelected bureaucrats who actually make law from the local to the state to the federal level and there occurs trillions of dollars through these innocent sounding foundations and tax dollars. If that's not enough to get your panties in a twist read some of these sites.

Start here:

Who elected these people?

Then go to this site which is actually a few years behind:

Activist Cash

Of course every one's fav is George Soros who as a child hid his Jewish heritage by posing as a godchild to an official employed by the Nazi Waffen SS to confiscate Jewish property. Dear George accompanied him on his missions of pay before you die and feels absolutely no guilt or remorse basically saying it was them or me.

Discover the Networks

Even a quick perusal will give one the sense and immense scope of these groups influencing government to education to unions and to movements such environmentalism. All Americans should be troubled by hidden agendas and hidden government.