Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Laughable Media II

CNN is running a 'people on the street' schtick asking who is Sarah Palin.

Program scheduling can come back and bite one in the butt. Of course on the spot production might show some intelligence, but that may not occur to CNN.


Palin off script: Difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.



Watch out Jabbering Joe. Better duck Barack Hamas Obama.

Palin is IN town.

Ballpark. Wall. Gone. Home Run.

Giuliani: Obama Just Present

130 times Obama couldn't make up his mind. 130 times he cast no vote, just a "present."

What if during the Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy, instead of making decisions, stated he was "present"?

What if Reagan stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate and the communist wall dividing Berlin and, instead saying "tear down this wall", just said "present"?

Hey, Barack baby, can we talk? Showing up for work is just the first step. You gotta make some decisions, not just organize the pencils and paper clips. You have to, you know, make a decision.

UPDATE: Biden better get that VP thing in writing from flip-flopping Obama.

The Freak Show Known As Media Is A laughing Stock

via This Ain't Hell

The Wall Street Journal has a story up about the media's tradition of steamrolling candidates, such as Sarah Palin, that they don't like through ridicule, falsehoods, malicious innuendo and lies. This is the media that smirks about its power in the salons of urban oases amidst the crumbling jungle they helped create. Well, the power they hold so dearly is crumbling and as tin he last days of the Roamn Empire, we witness delusionary flights of power and self importance. Really, Sally "Bradley Bunch" Quinn and Elanor Smelanor Clift? How sad.

Here is a sampler of media comment on Governor Palin this week:
- Eleanor Clift, the McLaughlin Group: "If the media reaction is anything, it's been literally laughter in many places across newsrooms."

- Sally Quinn, Newsweek: "It is a political gimmick . . . I find it insulting to women, to the Republican party, and to the country."

- E.J. Dionne, Washington Post: "Palin is, if anything, less qualified for the vice presidency (and the presidency) than [Harriet] Miers was for the court. But there is one big difference: Palin passes all the right-wing litmus tests."

- Maureen Dowd, New York Times: "They have a tradition of nominating fun, bantamweight cheerleaders from the West."

- Ruth Marcus, Washington Post: "But as a parent in the media, I also know that the Palins assumed this risk. Anyone who watched coverage of the Bush twins' barroom exploits knew that the avert-your-eyes stance toward candidates' children has its limits."

- Charlie Cook, Beltway pundit, on PBS's "Charlie Rose": "I had a friend that had a young person tell them that they had three interviews to get a job as a server at Ruby Tuesday! So this is like putting a whole -- for someone that hasn't played on a national -- Geraldine Ferraro had more -- Dan Quayle had undergone more scrutiny, had played on a bigger stage than this. This is putting an enormous risk on someone he didn't know. And he has to just pray that it works!"

Our media has become a laughing stock. In a world of constant checks and balances done in giga bytes these losers are still bragging about buying ink by the barrel. What a waste of ink. What a waste of barrels.

Media Should Be Ridiculed For Blatant Obama Campaigning

For liberals, conservatives can't ever be black enough, female enough or caring enough, so why should they expect to have positive stories in the media. Only liberals can be black enough, even if they're white, female enough, even if they're a pale male or caring enough as they pontificate from their limos or ivory towers. Actually, I think only liberals are chic enough.

Webutante nails it.

Disgraceful, Cannibal Journalism
THE AUDACITY OF THE DOUBLE STANDARDThe utter despicable double standard and hypocrisy with which the pro-feminist MSM is approaching John McCain's VP pick Sarah Palin is making a shocking new low in American journalism even at a time of perpetual lows.

CNN's PMSing cannibal journalist Campbell Brown, who has a one-year-old baby at home, dripping with jealousy and invective, having a tirade on CNN is the first case in point. Former homewrecker (who couldn't write yet made her way to the top by 'dating' Ben Bradley) Sally Quinn writing her new holier-than-thou religion column for the WAPO is another. Both are shrews and divas who cannot stand, cannot stand, the thought of a non-elitist woman being elected VP. These cannibal journalists whole heartedly support an empty suit with little experience like community organizer Obama. Maybe it's a father fixation.Yet a woman with experience as a wife, mother, mayor, an executive, a governor simply doesn't count. If it's not the lowest point in American journalism, I don't know what can bottom it.

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