Monday, February 16, 2009

Publishing The Names Of MurderersTo Save Lives

Applaud the Commercial Appeal, time to open all gun records

Everybody wants to save lives. Hopefully we can agree on that.

To that end, if the left, supporters of government as our savior, thinks, nee, applauds, publishing the names, addresses, etc., of people who own guns because it may save just one life, why don't we publish, say every Sunday morning, the names of those that have taken part in abortions?

If it works for the gun, logically, it should work for the scalpel or the vacuum or whatever device or drug abortionists and their accomplices may use.

Muzzammil Hassan Or Why Muslims Have Problems Fitting In

Via James Edwards

In head-to-head battles in the Muslim community, it appears that women lose every time.

Some history on the couple:
Muzzammil Hassan came to America from Pakistan 25 years ago. He became a successful banker in Buffalo, New York, near the famed Niagara Falls.

While he and his wife were happy to be in the United States, they were upset by the negative perceptions of Muslims, and particularly how this perception might affect their children.
That is how they came up with the idea of Bridges TV. Mr. Hassan’s wife challenged him to start it.

“I had no background in television. I didn’t know anything about TV. Her comment was, ‘you have an M.B.A. (masters degree in business) why don’t you write a business plan?’”
And so he did. He quit his job at the bank and for the next two to three years worked almost non-stop in developing an English language television network that offers news and entertainment for Muslims.

Mr. Hassan hopes Bridges TV lives up to its name by uniting American Muslims and by helping non-Muslims overcome the negative images they may have of both Muslims and Islam.

Current news on the couple:
Prominent Orchard Park man charged with beheading his wife

To many of my friends and peers that are Muslim or have married Muslims it seems to be a belief by degrees by the believer in Islamic tenets. While some will shake their heads and say this is wrong, there are others who will publicly speak against the practice, but privately agree.

That is why Muslims have perception problems in America. It is too scary for many to believe what they will do and it is also to scary to believe them as a community. The alleged murderer is not a poor Muslim living in a dusty village far from here, but a successful businessman with a MBA and a host of people who thought he was offering peace and understanding. He did not murder in the heat of the moment, but sawed his wife's head off because she wanted a divorce.

The more that people hear about this culture the less they ask how do you understand it, because they more times than not now ask, why even try.