Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mugger Murtha Still Hasn't Apologized To The Marines For His Haditha Lies

From This Ain't Hell, I was pointed to a new site (for me), Chickenhawk Express who has this really great post:

Some Inconvenient Facts About the Haditha Incident - UPDATED

It started in November 2005. It became a political witch-hunt after
Time’s Tim McGirk plastered the media with half-truths, suspect statements from
“eyewitnesses” and a great deal of hearsay. It exploded into an anti-war talking
point once John Murtha called it “cold blooded murder” and compared it to My
Lai. The media and the anti-war crowd were salivating at the thought of US
Marines convicted of murder. It did not occur to them that the Marines deserved
the benefit of the doubt – you know, innocent until proven guilty....

Read the whole thing. The UPDATES are phenomenal.


One of my interested minion asked about my Episcopal Church posts and my status.

I no longer consider myself an Episcopal and I now attend St Edwards the Confessor with my wife who is Catholic. In an interesting 360, my father was raised Roman Catholic, but changed to my mother's church which was Episcopal. I found this out from his mother after my father passed away.

My leaving had everything to do with the destruction of a church I loved, was baptized in, confirmed into and humbly served as an acolyte.

Now you can sleep better, eh?

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland Hangs With The Hamas Boys

An excellent catch by Bizzy Blog

Ted Strickland’s CAIR Appearance, and Ohio’s Snoozing Press
Not newsworthy? Surely you jest. It’s not every day that the sitting
governor of one of the country’s larger states breaks bread with an organization
that has been named
an unindicted co-conspirator in an alleged criminal conspiracy to support the Palestinian Arab terrorist group Hamas.

The Dispatch published one LtE of mine on this, posted an electronic LtE of another, but shut me down after that even though CAIRing people kept lying about what I and others pointed out.

Can't call Wolfe on this one, but you can write Mike Curtin, President, Associate Publisher at the dispatch at mcurtin@dispatch.com

HT Right Angle Blog and The Keeler Report

The World Council Of Churches and Israel

To my minon, I am in the throes of finishing a contract so I can return to the world of skewering liberals where it counts, the ballot box.

Though I am busy, much to the distress of one, two, ?, I am reading my favs and this is from Bloodthirsty Liberal and I think it an important piece, in that it educates.

Antisemitism and the Church
So, you can imagine my disgust upon reading that the wise folks at The World Council of Churches is determined to sow more misery in the name of religion. Shame, shame, shame.

As lapsed Episcopalian, i.e. I moved my bank account, I find this disgusting. The World Council of Churches is busily wrecking churches from the scripture up.

Read the rest.