Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who Decides Which Is A White Supremacist Group?

The Left of course. Groups such SPLC and the Obama Gang. Oh, and my favorite terrorist, Bill Ayers! How sweet is that?

Also, probably any terrorist group with radical Islamic ties. How else could such an august body come together to decide which groups to fight....

Yep, those whiteys sure are dangerous. They were the bastards that brought freedom to the world. Can't have that, can we?

Maddow's View From The Curb

Rachael (you do know I am a Rhodes Scholar) Maddow has written a book. Who knew? She uses her rapier wit to belittle all the little men and women that protect our country as foolish and actually against the wishes of our founders who she selectively cites as well as taking quotes out of context. Of course that is so dog bites man.

Specks of War

Leon Wieseltier take on Maddow's book almost made it readable to me. At least his take confirmed mine and made me laugh out loud. Go read it. For you libs, don't worry, he doesn't use too many big words.

Has Rachael been kicked to the curb so often that she now enjoys it?

One Scientist Wrong And One Scientist Right

Meet North Carolina Democrat State Senate Candidate Bivins Hollar

Hope and Change!

Oh My! When Will Science Be Settled?

Hundreds of thousands of doctors, educators and researchers receive their funding from one source. What could go wrong, especially when all these experts crow that science is king and all of the deniers are Luddites who are just shilling for a buck? Well, that single source of funding is government and to disagree will get you called all kinds of silly childish names because the vested interest is on their side. That side should not be erroneously considered "settled science", but settled group think.

World Renown Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

Off to the grocery. Oh, and then play me some hockey sticks with the Piltdown Man.