Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Murkowski Still Doesn't Get It, But Why Would've Anybody Thought Otherwise

Murkowski (D -as in Daddy's Seat-AK) speaking of Sarah Palin.

"I'm still her senator. I'm going to work hard to represent her too. We don't really have much of a relationship."
Murkowski represents everything wrong in DC for many reasons, but her arrogant calculation to defeat (probably) the duly nominated Republican candidate Joe Miller, her feeling of self-entitlement and her snotty cat scratching at her opponents tell me that she hasn't a clue.

As for leadership, few people of quality ever follow a leader that is so arrogant or insecure that they feel the need to puff themselves up by putting their opponents down. I wouldn't follow a leader such as that for any reason. I think we fought a war once about hereditary leadership. They thought they were invincible too, especially against rubes and nobodies. They got their ass kicked.

Charles Rangel: "I am not going away,"

He was right.

House panel finds Rangel guilty of ethics violations

House Democrats don't have the guts nor the ethics to do the right thing and vote for expulsion. So, Charlie was right. He is not going away and he will continue to serve in the House instead of the big house where he belongs.

He is a crook, not just ethically challenged.

TSA Doubles Down On 'Touch My Junk' Stupidity

I wrote about this foolishness by the government and their band aid faux security here.

Now TSA is doubling down on their stupidity and the government and the courts seem to be in lock step in the effort to stifle dissent by citizens who think TSA is not only not effectual, but also acts a bunch of low IQ thug guards.

TSA to investigate body scan resister

Yeah, the guy left the airport and for that he is going to have to accept being investigated by such a group of keystone cops and then possibly be fined and imprisoned? Right. Listen to the audio and try to make the TSA guys statements actually make sense. First they escort him out of an area and then others threaten him for leaving for leaving that area. The guy just wants to cancel his trip and leave the airport and then they tell him he has to go back and go through the procedure he had just refused which caused him to decide not to fly. 

On the day of the incident a TSA supervisor can be heard saying that some workers weren't up on the latest procedures and then in the above article a TSA official smugly (in an attempt to put too fine a point on the amount of trouble the victim Tyner is in) pointed out that the airport TSA officials don't even know the current fine amount.

“That’s the old fine,” Aguilar said. “It has been increased.”

If these people can't even keep up with the current fines for refusing to accept an invasion of privacy, bad behavior, stupid procedures, long lines and a process that seems to produce little or no increased security how can they keep up with security matters that are important?

"By buying your ticket you gave up a lot of rights," countered the TSA supervisor. Really? They're going to protect our rights by taking them away.

When one doubles down on this kind of foolishness they just create the aura of condensing dumb and dumber into a single Sybil symbol of stupidity. How is it that the public gets this, the very ones the TSA magnanimously states they are trying to protect, but the TSA and government don't? Welcome to big government.