Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wondered If 'Green' Is Bogus?

Soros, who has made billions by screwing those countries that do not do what he wishes, has decided that 'green' is the way to go. That makes 'green' the wrong way for those that work and try to improve life for themselves and those they know and love.

Soros is poison. He is a hateful creep that lurks around the dark corners of the world's economic systems so he can suck them dry.

Soros says aims to invest $1 Billion in green tech...

If Soros has decided that 'green' is the way to go, I will run the other way. Soros cries "power to the people"while he destroys governments, that he has made vulnerable so as to manipulate their currencies, just to make money, so he can then cry "those capitalists" hate the little people, to further enrich himself by emplacing a socialist government, which is more easy to manipulate economically and financially.

How much longer will "progressives", and "socialists" enrich this manipulator in the hopes he will continue to fund their agenda before they realize he is a radical only as long as he enriches himself, ultimately at their expense. Up close and speaking economically, Soros is as warm and fuzzy as a herpes sore that is offering an engagement ring to a weeping finger. Marry him and you are as diseased as him. That is pretty diseased. Pretty diseased for a long time. Time-wise, diseased until one dies a horrible death. His money is tainted.

If Soros has a soul, it is with a little "s".

It's must be pretty hard not having the money and support for one's stupid ideas, infact, so much so that one feels they have to kneel before such a fascist money maker. A money maker who infects those that accept his money.

You want to make money in the green game? Go for it. You're funding, not a cleaner and more beautiful future, but your own financial dependency. It may feel good when you think it is a done deal, but you will still be filling Soros' pocket with money while he laughs all the way to the elitist socialist bank. A bank he owns.

Soros can paint the smokestack green, but it will still be a smoke stack.

'Flags Of My Father'

You know, these people see nothing wrong with desecrating our flag. Probably because they either don't know what it really stands for or don't care if they do.

Honey, I Shrunk The Internet!

Bizzy Blog has continued a story that many, if not most, of us dropped the ball on. Go read his piece which is very good.

The Obama administration has decided that the wrascally world needs to have the chance to change, channel and use the Internet for their purposes, because the mean old United States wasn't sharing it enough.

If the Obama administration wants a profile on all those who disagree with their policies, I want a profile on all the morons that voted for this loser from Peoria and that profile has to include a section on whether they were stupid, ignorant, willfully unable to make a credible decision or if they were paid to vote for Obama. The voting dead need to have permission from their mortician or political leader, which may be the same person, before they personally fill out this section. I can't stand smelly forms laying about.

Ceding the Internet
Under the previous arrangement, the U.S. government retained veto power over ICANN’s decisions. Although the U.S. took a hands-off approach, the relationship helped insulate the Internet from political meddling by states that were threatened or frustrated by its freedom …. the United Nations has sought for some time to acquire authority over ICANN, at the behest of a number of countries who wish to tax or regulate it.

Quite simply, the decision of the Obama administration increases the vulnerability of the Internet to political pressure, censorship, and strangling regulation and taxation.

Let's see:

Political pressure - check
censorship - check
strangling regulation - check
taxation - check

What is there in this decision that the Obama administration can't love other than that we have any say left with the Internet.

I'm sure that our economic overlords in China will work tirelessly to ensure the Internet is free and open. Count Putin in. Ditto, Obama friends Chavez and Castro. Our new friends the Taliban are already working on the Internet Reformed Qumran. Al Qaeda will soon unveil their swimsuit calendar to show just how free the Internet can be and to overcome the bad press those pesky cartoons brought down on their loving hearts and heads.

We might as well admit that Obama just shrunk the Internet to irrelevance so that we can get an underground net going. Maybe we can indulge in some wistful thinking and call it 'The Sons of Liberty' Net.

Nah, that's just make our new Internet overlords fidgety. And I wouldn't want to upset a bunch of overlords that would still be feeding their people to each other if they thought the world wasn't watching.

Graham & Kerry Are Trade And Cap. Why Do We Elect Clowns?

Lindsey "I'm McCain's best friend" Graham and John "Did you know I was in Vietnam" Kerry.

Putz and Putzer have joined hands to tax us even more to protect that which doesn't need protection for the good of all people that don't want the bad Cap and Trade bill.

Is a circus missing two clowns? If so, they've been found.

Sen. Lindsey Graham working with Sen. John Kerry on climate bill
Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina publicly announced his support for climate legislation on Sunday in an op-ed column with Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

"Our partnership represents a fresh attempt to find consensus that adheres to our core principles and leads to both a climate change solution and energy independence," the two senators wrote in The New York Times. "It begins now, not months from now — with a road to 60 votes in the Senate."

I'm not sure how liberals in Massachusetts feel about their John F'ing Kerry hanging out with a South Carolina cracker, even though that cracker has more natural blue blood than Kerry can marry or rent, but I am pretty sure that South Carolinians don't like their boy buddying up with a faux snob married to a faux snob.

I knew that Kerry has never had any 'core values', but I thought Graham might have a few rattling around in the dusty background.

Though neither represent me, the fact that Graham, as a members of the 'club', can so easily sell us out with Kerry makes me want to take a shower. Besides, clowns always scared me.