Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Am Going To Fight For My Children's Future

On this "Papa's Day", as my son calls it, I am thinking of my children's future and that Democrats are hellbent on destroying it. I wish my father was here to give me his advice, but he worked his way out of a life of no money for necessities and little hope to be the first in his family to finish high school to become a Doctor. He succeeded, but we lost him when he was only 57 years of age.

The Democrats have actually convinced themselves that they got a mandate to:

a) Steal from the people
b) Destroy America's reputation in the world
c) Destroy America's reputation in America

Of the three, the Democrats believe their best shot at passing legislation is to steal from the people through their tax and spend voodooism of bribing their base to vote for them.

To preserve tax relief

Democrats in Congress are discounting advancements made possible by the
2001 and 2003 tax cuts passed by Congress and are trying to slap U.S. taxpayers
with a $400 billion tax increase that will slow our economy's current progress.

If Democrats follow through on their budget promises, the American people will face the following:

• A $500 per child tax increase.
• A 55 percent Death Tax.
• A 13 percent tax increase for many small businesses.
• A 33 percent tax increase on capital gains.
• A 164 percent tax increase on dividends.

I believe Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats in Congress must join
together to ensure the American economy is not crippled by a massive tax
increase. I recently introduced the Tax Increase Prevention Act, legislation
that would make permanent tax relief passed in 2001 and 2003.

If they can once again hamper America's economy with increased taxes they then can start rebuilding the perception that America needs big government, unions, and all things liberal to save itself.

Losers Pelosi and Reid have so far failed in their effort to destroy America's reputation with their cut and run policy of abandonment of the people of Iraq, but they'll keep trying. They will keep hoping for the continued bleakness projected by the media and the outright lies by them to weaken America's resolve.

A Republican backbencher, Tim Walberg (R-MI) has shown he will not go quietly back into the dark and we still have hope with the great thinking and leadership of Rep. John Boehner, but where are the others?

Not in the Senate leadership.

My Father never got to know my son, but if he was alive today he would fight these bastards tooth and nail. He can't, but I can and will. I still miss him every day.

Happy Father's Day Dad.

I'll Take Mine Black Al

If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced
enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.

Hillary is warming up my second cup right now.

Happy Soldiers Day, Week, Month and More


Please write as well as post this info. A lot of fathers here and over there would appreciate support for our soldiers, especially today.

From Misha and Blackfive

Hear That? No? Me either. What I want to be hearing is grunts of pain
from RCT-6’s PAO, as he hefts box after box of printed-out emails supporting our
Marines. Since I’m not hearing any complaining yet, I think we need to do
it harder. You read how our Marines need, more than anything else, to hear that
you love them. By God, you ought to. And according to my email, Col.
Simcock “admonished” them into getting a separate email account set up for us,
just hours after we started mailing. Let’s fill it.

Here’s the address:
So far they have 25 letters. Flood them.