Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hsu Nough, Communist Dupe?

Is Hsu a Red Chinese plant?

A Fugitive Political Fund-Raiser Leaves a Shadowy Money Trail

Wouldn't be the first time a democrat got Red Chinese money. Clinton I, Gore, Kerry.

To my minion, your thoughts?

Answer up now. All of you.

Go ahead. Flood that comment section.

Is Hsu a plant infiltrating American politics through the sieve known as the Democratic Party?

Maybe through Chuckie Hsumer.

Who's getting dirty Islamofascist money?


Harry Reid, Petraeus The Liar

Reid: Petraeus’ Testimony Is White House Spin

“He has made a number of statements over the years that have not proven
to be factual,” Reid said. “I have every belief that this good man will give us
what he feels is the right thing to do in his report, but it’s not his report
anymore. It’s Bush’s report.”

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., joined his Senate colleagues in claiming the
Petraeus report would be little more than a work of fiction.

“Instead of a new strategy for Iraq, the Bush administration is
cherry-picking the data to support their political objectives and preparing a
report that will offer another defense of the president’s strategy,” said
Emanuel, the House Democratic Caucus Chair. “We don’t need a report that wins
the Nobel Prize for creative statistics or the Pulitzer for fiction.”

As I read and write, Dianne Feinstein is on Fox News Sunday spewing the party line of Petraeus is lying, but he is a nice guy who has to answer to that lying Bush. Oh, and yes the violence is down, but things aren't any better in Iraq.

Go read the entire article at Let Freedom Ring. It is a good article.