Friday, May 06, 2011

UN Demands An Explanation For US Killing bin Laden!

UN Demands ‘Explanation’ For Killing Of Bin Laden

I demand an explanation of why a group of third world thugs, murderers, rapists, dictators and clinically stupid "ambassadors" are demanding anything from us. As if they have any right to breath same air as human beings.

Oops, Bush Did Some Things Right. Oh, Noes!

In a death knell to the hypocrites that called Bush a murderer and now point to bin Laden as Obama's manliness it appears that even stalwarts such as the Washington Post, along with Obama, are congratulating Bush for doing the right things in the Greater War on Terror.

Collateral Damage To Anti-Bush Mythology About The Hunt For Bin Laden

Let the wailing begin and watch the haters dredge up articles of their faith from the bottom feeder sites on the Internet as proof, PROOF!, that they are right.

Bush Vindication Is Quietly Seeping Into The Conversation

For all the blow hards that are yakking about Bush's incompetence, thus raising their intellectual superiority by proxy, even the Washington Post calls BS on them which is useless because they have actually begun to believe their own BS. Some believed this crap from the beginning because they wanted to believe even in the face of facts. They're sad miserable little haters.

Rice Hands Lawrence O’Donnell His Lunch

As with so many "intellectual" liberals O'Donnell is selective in his memory and philandering in his spewing of smug indignation. How many times will these lies have to be rebutted will only be answered when liberals admit that their liberal representatives in congress saw the same intelligence as the Bush administration and voted with them to invade Iraq. Not that they will ever admit it because if they do their whole basis of moral indignation and feelings of smug superiority will disappear.

Most Hilarious Vid EVAH!