Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fugly Tuesday

Metropolitan Cathedral; Liverpool, England, consecrated in 1967

Polls Down Pols Fight To Unite Polls Pols Fail

Was Libya a cover up for his brackets?

No Rally 'Round the Flag Effect on Libya Airstrikes

Maybe Hillary Obama can invade the White House and hold herself himself hostage until the people forget about the last election.

(thanks to American Power for the post)


Hollywood Icon Elizabeth Taylor Dies at 79

Legend passes. Show tune singers worldwide plan sumptuous swoon-in songfest in Harold's Square.

Joe Biden, Constitutional Scholar, Must Impeach Obama

Joe is, well, a man of his word. Really. It's just which word he chooses to stand by and he has so many words to choose from. He isn't called Jabberin' Joe for nothing. Joe's got latitude.

I expect the impeachment papers to be on someones's desk no later than this afternoon. It's a fact. Joe's got himself some bidness. And he's got 5, not 4 and not 6, but 5 leading constitutional scholars screaming, "Impeach!" and Joe is all about serious bidness. And the constitution. And scholarship.