Saturday, July 25, 2009

America The Beautiful

Carol Rosenberg: Terrorist Apologist Slurs Naval Officer With Sexual Harassment

This "lady" has quite a history of attacking our military, supporting terrorists and a mouth that never stops and is generally filthy and vulgar.

She is a real catch for the Miami Herald.

Man Bites Dog: U.S. Navy Commander Files Sex Complaint Against Female Miami Herald Journo
FishbowlDC Exclusive: US Navy Commander Jeffrey D. Gordon has filed a sexual harassment complaint against the Miami Herald's Carol Rosenberg.

FishbowlDC obtained a copy of the July 22, 2009 letter addressed to Miami Herald Senior VP and Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal. In the complaint, Gordon calls for a "thorough investigation" to put an end to Rosenberg's "appalling behavior" that includes comments about the Commander's sexual orientation.

The complaint outlines examples of Rosenberg's alleged "abusive and degrading, comments of an explicitly sexual nature."

Read the rest if you can stomach journalism at its worst and at its lowest.