Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pet Stark And His 'Vincent Gigante' Act Take Gavel Of Ways And Means

However much Demos needed Pete Starks (D-CA) vote, that didn't mean they wanted to hang out with a guy who valued his urine so that he'd never waste it on a constituent's leg.

Pete Stark is crazy. Pete Stark also started a bank and built it into his becoming a millionaire. Pete Stark was also lucid enough to leave his birthplace in the cold north and settle in the more temperate Bay Area of California.

The Democrats rightfully fear that Pete Stark, as Chairman of Ways and Means, will become the face of the Democratic Party and they are scared. They should be because Pete Stark is not the image they want in the media, especially when he starts to bark.

Pete Stark is the political version of Vincent Gigante. He acts crazy when isn't which gives him latitude to be rude, disturbing and now, powerful.

That Pete Stark is a vulgar and arrogant elitist is the least of our problem. His views are dangerous and his inability to interact with those he disagrees with, thus bullies, makes him a very loose cannon. With the gavel of the Ways and Means Committee as his platform.

If he stays in the chairman's seat, Fourney "Pete" Stark can be who he is or be who he isn't. Either way, he is a liability to Pelosi, Obama and the American people.

Maybe Pete will start wearing his bathrobe and slippers to committee hearings.

UPDATE: Bummer! Fourtney isn't getting the gavel! Sander is getting it. Oh my, so much fun to be missed.

Stark out, Levin in at Ways and Means

If we got a quarter for every vulgarity that comes out of Stark's mouth, especially in the last 24 hours, our national debt would be history.