Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anonymous "republicans" Attacking Palin: Name The Names

Day late and a dollar short.

McCain defends Palin in post-election TV interview
Former U.S. presidential candidate John McCain on Tuesday shrugged off criticism leveled at his running mate, Sarah Palin, saying he expects her "to play a big role in the future of this country."

Anonymous attacks, claims follow Palin home
Her supporters say some in McCain camp are trying to scapegoat her.

The anonymously sourced salvos are being launched in media including Newsweek, Fox News and The New York Times. The claims include that Palin didn't know Africa is a continent, went on shopping sprees on the Republican Party's dime, and threw tantrums that left staff in tears. Palin supporters said it's just people trying to scapegoat the governor for the unsuccessful presidential campaign.

Let's get the names of these "republican" losers attacking another Republican and publish them. Put up their pictures with the names. Name who is paying them, both openly and covertly. It's time for Republicans to quit acting like the opposition with all this skulldugery and back stabbing.

We have the ideas and the base of people are with Republicans as long as they don't act like liberals. Why vote Democrat-Lite when you can vote straight up for deception, corruption, lying and a total lack of support for family, faith, Constitutional law and the average person by voting Democrat/Liberal/Progressive?

Name the names.

Wales: Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle was built in Beaumaris, on the island of Anglesey, begining in 1295 for King Edward I by Master James of St George however it was never finished. The castle was the last of several castles built in the area designed to defend the royal home. Its design is of the double wall concept where the outer walls house an inside building which is effectively a very defendable castle unto it’s own. With 14 layers of defense Beaumaris Castle is considered near perfect.

Interesting fact: A “Gate-next-sea” protected a tidal dock that allowed ships to dock with the castle for re-supply.