Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Protein Wisdom

Jeff Goldstein is back and this is just one reason I hope he is really back for good.

Point is, Campos’ entire piece is nothing but a showy attack on war supporters
like Bill Kristol and Glenn Reynolds (and to even a lesser extent, unmentioned
nobodies like me), and a paean to himself for his own presumed sagacity.
Never mind that Iraq hasn’t been decided, that Michael Yon is
calling it winnable
, that the US has not lost a single ground battle,
etc. Campos can’t wait for such things. He appears correct, to the
untrained eye, right now, and so, like an excitable puppy proud of defeating his
first slipper, he has laid his tattered argument at our feet—while
simultaneously pissing all over the rug.

Liberals hate an attempted debate with Jeff because he understands their game, rhetoric and intellectual dishonesty. He says it is because he used to be one of them.

Add him to your blogroll. He slices and dices.

Benny Parsons - RIP

The gentle giant of NASCAR, Benny Parsons, passed away on Tuesday. BP was loved by everyone, even those he raced hard against.
"Parsons made 526 starts from 1964 until his 1988 retirement. He ended his
career with 283 top-10 finishes, led at least one lap in 192 races and finished
no lower than fifth in the points from 1972 to 1980."

He will be missed by a whole lot of people and he will be sorely missed by those who had the great privilege to know him.