Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why Not Ohio? Low-Carbon Mass Transportation Not Wanted

Those that love big government live big government solutions the people do not want. Case in point, Low-Carbon Mass Transit which is a fancy version of saying mass transit.

Buses, trains, trolleys, subways, light rail and other versions are used in densely populated areas for rush hours twice a day and run empty the rest of hours in service and sit idle nights. Most Americans do not live in densely populated areas such as urban environs, but in smaller cities, towns, villages and suburbs. It is the suburbs that really ticks of the progressives, especially the inhabitants independence.

These people calling for mass transportation desire the demise of the automobile and if it irks those pesky Americans who do not share their vision  it makes the idea more attractive. That big government elitists get sniffy when their lessors don't agree only makes them scream things like "global warming", "save the environment" and "low-carbon mass transportation" as scare tactics.

They have two problems: first, they've screamed this nonsense for so long that nobody believes them any more and secondly, people don't want to be dictated to and they will not give up their independence. Actually, there is one more problem in that the visionaries will scream, "but they must!" which make people reply, "screw off." Not a learning moment of dialogue.

Personally, I love trains. I have ever since I first rode on a train as a child. I hate what government has done to trains through union boosting legislation, their dreadful train designs and and their complete mismanagement of Amtrak. Just like Amtrak, health care, corporate take overs and other invasions of private lives and business, the government will screw things up. If you put the government of charge of the Gobi desert there will be a sand shortage within months. The bigger the bureaucracy the less efficient it is and our government (re)proves it with each new day.

Why not Ohio? Because we hate mediocrity, bad service, high prices and the loss of our independence. In short, we hate bureaucracies, their supporters and their attitude. Leave us alone. Please.