Friday, November 24, 2006

Liberal Thanksgiving prayer

First, this fellow hopes Vice President Cheney dies. Then he makes all kind of malicious statements about Bush president's private lives. He's nearly finished with his prayer of Thanksgiving as he states as fact lies about Republicans in general.

I give thee thanks O Lord that Thy glorious sun is finally breaking through
the viscous, vomit-colored cloud-cover of Republican bigotry, repression,
fear-mongering, greed and graft. A blighted carapace of despair and
depression that has blotted out the clear blue sky from horizon to horizon
for six long years, O Lord, like a billion pairs of enormous morbidly obese
buttocks sitting on our heads.

This is a very sad "little" person.

Thanks to Dr. Helen.

Liberal Racists

Liberals, not content to be just anti-semetic, attack an honorable man and the voters of Ohio.


Liberal Racists

Not content to be just anti-Semitic, Liberals attack an honorable man and the voters of Ohio.