Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"'a lack of clarity'"

Rep. Conyers promises better ethics standards

Driving fast, late and hard, but tappin my foot

Following the lead of Viking Spirit, Lincoln Logs and The Keeler Report, I have put together a list of 19 songs to put on a CD that “I can’t live without”. Okay, 19 songs that fit this mind frame. Also, I have all these songs on my shelf. Kinda silly saying you “can’t live without” a song and then don’t own a copy.

1 LA Woman – Doors/Idol
2 Going Down – Jeff Beck
3 Paradise By The Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf
4 Rebel Yell – Idol
5 Midnight in Montgomery – Alan Jackson
6 Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down
7 All Along the Watchtower – Hendrix
8 Ain’t That a Shame – Cheap Trick
10 Crazy – Patsy Cline
11 Ain’t Superstitious – Willie Dixon
12 Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker
13 The House is a Rockin – Stevie Ray Vaughn
14 Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash
15 I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt
16 Lie To Me – Jonny Lang
17 Livin’ in America – James Brown
18 Don’t Speak – No Doubt
19 You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC

I like all music, except opera (growing up, it was no fun getting a whoopin to Wagner), but my favorites are early blues (Mississippi Fred McDowell) and early country (Hank), classical and almost all rock. Modern country has some really good songs, but they ain’t country. Grunge was good, but punk was better. Rap has its moments, but why don’t they cut to the chase and build a recording studio in a supermax and a couple of mortuaries?

Delbert isn’t on the list because I couldn’t choose just one. Same with the Kinks. Same with the hardest working man in show bizness, but this list would suck without at least one James Brown song. Allman Brothers, Willie Dixon, Eurythmics, Alison Krause, Lyle, Linkin Park, Creed and on and on.

To totally screw the pooch, for me it is perfectly normal to go from Weezer to the Kingsmen to Sid and then to Dvorak.

My brain hurts.