Sunday, March 08, 2009

Worst Economy Since The Depression

Went to an art opening by an artist named Gail Waller last evening. It was wall to wall people. It had to be, because Waller is an outstanding talent.

After the show four of us went from restaurant to restaurant in the Short North, downtown and German Village attempting to get a quick bite before the after art opening party. There were lines everywhere.

After a long wait and dinner, we then attempted to go to the party which started at the Burgundy Room in the Short North. Wasn't a chance we could find a parking space nearby. Finally getting there, I had to convince the fellow at the door we were meeting a party in the back room. The place was packed. Shoulder to shoulder. Laughter, canapes and drinks consuming the air.

Leaving the Burgundy Room around 11:00 PM we went to the house of a good friends for an after-party after-party where I listened to to people talk of the financial crisis that President Bush put us in and how this depression could take years and massive government help to cure.

I walked to the bar and poured a very stiff single malt from a $200 bottle of scotch and sat to watch the sadness of the worst economy since the Depression.