Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Illegal Immigration Debate

Illegal is illegal! America needs to get
serious about securing our borders. If
we demonstrate that illegals will not
be granted amnesty, and that we are
serious about enforcing our own laws,
there will be less of a desire by illegal
immigrants to unlawfully cross the border.
Individuals do not fear breaking our
immigration laws because they see little
evidence they are being enforced. When
that changes, the tide of illegal immigrants
will be substantially reduced. We are a
nation of laws, and when those laws are
ignored or flaunted, everybody loses. I
support a catch and deport program that
gives local law enforcement the authority
to detain illegal immigrants for breaking
the law, and fully believe that illegal
immigrants should be denied federal
benefits such as Social Security and Medicare.

California Leftists are now a “local” concerned group pimping for Zack Space

While reading a “local” press release about a forum held by Working Families Win concerning Joy Padgett’s position on trade policies, I noticed the word “non-partisan” in reference to the forum’s sponsor – Working Families Win. I wondered just how “non-partisan” WFW was and to my surprise I found that they were not only not non-partisan, but WFW is just a small cog in the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy that stretches across the nation to California (and probably to George Soros’ back pocket).

Even though Zacko wants everyone to believe he is just a humble public servant instead of a lefty business shake down artist. Zacko hides from the media, voters whom he has stated he wishes to serve and, most especially, Zacko hides like a scared child from debating his opponent, Joy Padgett.

Well, now it appears Zacko is more than just your run-of-the-mill millionaire lawyer. Let’s start with the press release about the “local” group WFW I read.

Padgett: No “Joy” for Fair Trade

“Take a look at what Joy Padgett said in a small forum on October 12 with Working Families Win – a non-partisan group focused on the legislative advocacy around fair trade, healthcare, a just minimum wage, organizing rights, and ballot accountability.”

A standard press release with political stands and beliefs put forward. What is also is standard is the main stream media’s blind acceptance of characterizations these groups label themselves with. Non-partisan? Small forum? Local? Who are and where do these “non-partisan locals” come from?

Fair Trade in 2006

Citizens Trade Campaign is a national coalition of environmental, labor,
consumer, family farm, religious, and other civil society groups founded in 1992
during the fight over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

National Unions – need I say more?

Working Families Win – sponsored by “local” Union Steelworkers Local 2737

WFW is “A project of the Americans for Democratic Action Education Fund”

Americans for Democratic Action – ultra leftist group

The ADA web site directs e-mail to

The IGC web site directs donations to The Tides Center

Tides Center – an ultra left – progressive – “charity”

founded in 1976 by Drummond Pike, a left-wing activist in California, as a vehicle to promote social change and support new, controversial and even radical efforts.

Follow the trail;

"WORKING FAMILIES WIN is unique in that we are focused not only on working class folk who are not union members; we are also working in communities that are often overlooked in the nation's political debate. By building worker power in Reading PA, Fayetteville NC, Waterloo IA, St. Cloud MN, Mansfield OH, and many more communities, we can make a difference not just in these places but nationwide. Thanks for your upport. For more information on Working Families Win, contact the Americans for Democratic Action Education Fund at 202-785-5980, or email project coordinator Jim Jontz at "

Visit the links below for more resources...

TRADE:Americans for Democratic Action Action For Community and Ecology in the Regions of Central America Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives Center for Economic and Policy ResearchCitizens Trade Campaign GATSwatch Global Exchange John F. Henning Center for International Labor Relations Our World is Not For Sale Public Citizen: Global Trade Watch Sierra Club TRADE BITS newsletterWitness for Peace Case Studies on Social & Environmental Impacts of NAFTA ‘Trade and Investment in Services: The Stakes for Workers and the Environment' by Elizabeth Barclay Minimum Wage:AFL-CIONational Council of ChurchesEpiscopal ChurchACORNWorkers Rights:AFL-CIOAmerican Rights At WorkJobs With JusticeADA Workers' Rights Forum

Health Care:
Health Care NOW!

When you go to the IGC “donate” page you get;

Tides Peace Strategies Fund Finding Peace. Funding Peace.
Continue to theGroundspring Home Page

Tides Statement for Peace

War is upon us.The Bush administration has abandoned diplomacy, shunned international alliances and ignored the largest global demonstrations for peace in history. Meanwhile pressing domestic concerns-such as a flagging economy, a continuing health care crisis and constant assaults on the environment and civil liberties-are either pushed to the side or exacerbated by an aggressive and unchecked administration.
But as bombs drop and the war machines roll, we must not abandon the fight for peace and justice. Organizations working to stop the war and advance peaceful, diplomatic and just alternatives to war need financial support today.
The Tides Peace Strategies FundThe Tides Peace Strategies Fund has been launched in response to this historic crisis. The Fund will make timely and strategic grants to domestic and international organizations working to:
Advocate for peace and oppose military aggression;
Protect civil liberties and immigrant rights in the United States; and
Respond to humanitarian and social crises in ways that promote equity and sustainability.
By contributing to this fund, your donation will combine with those of likeminded people to form a pool of financial support for critical peace and justice work.
Finding Peace. Funding Peace.Our funding strategy for this fund is well balanced, granting to established organizations and burgeoning groups doing new and innovative work. The fund is also an agile grantmaking vehicle, funding proactive and responsive efforts both domestically and internationally. Tides staff has the expertise, relationships and capacity to quickly and effectively identify and channel funds to organizations as the situation evolves.
Tides has a well earned reputation for finding and funding innovative and effective progressive nonprofits. We have a 27-year history of social change grantmaking, granting over $130 million during the past two years alone. Thanks to our committed donors, we have also granted more than $1.5 million since September 11, 2001, through targeted rapid response funds (via the Tides 9/11 Fund; the Tides Democratic Justice Fund; and the Iraq Peace Fund).
Define the MomentWe stand at a crucial moment-a tipping point.Is it a moment heralding an era of preemptive militarism, or a moment heralding an era of unprecedented global unity for peace?Is it a moment of nationalism and fundamentalism, or a moment of international and inter-faith coalitions?Is it a moment of acquiescence or a moment of profound and lasting social change?
We all must decide.

To make a donation via check:
Payable to:Tides Foundation/ Peace Strategies Fund
Mail to:TidesAttn: Peace Strategies FundP.O. Box 29903San Francisco, CA 94129
100% of check donations will go directly to grantmaking. Credit card donations are subject to a 3% service fee.
For more information on the fund, please contact Chris Herrera, Director of Communications,, 415.561.6355.
The Tides Family of Organizations RespondsTides is working in several other ways to support peace and justice work. will offer free trainings for anti-war groups to learn how to use the Internet to both communicate with supporters and to raise money for their work.
Tides Center has created a fast-track to quickly and efficiently take in new projects and initiatives related to anti-war work.
The Tides Family of Organizations:
Tides FoundationTides CenterGroundspring.orgCommunity Clinics InitiativeTsunami FundThoreau Center for Sustainability

The Tides Center;
Tides HistoryTides Center began working with promising charitable initiatives in 1979 as the Projects Program of Tides Foundation. In 1996, this program became Tides Center, an independent nonprofit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) public charity.
In 1999, Tides Center served as the home for approximately 350 projects staffed by nearly 600 employees working in 40 states. Tides Center currently manages $50 million dollars for its projects.
Tides Center is part of the Tides family of organizations--a group of nonprofit organizations linked by a commitment to positive social change, innovation, and environmental sustainability. The Tides family--which includes Tides Center, Tides Foundation, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, and as partners, sharing ideas, technical systems, and an office complex.

The Tides Center appears to bankroll and direct many “non-partisan local” groups;


The Tides Center began as a spinoff of the Tides Foundation. What is the Tides Foundation? It is not a private foundation, but is a public charity. It has 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) IRS designations, which allow it to seek contributions and distribute them where desired.
It’s not a traditional foundation. It doesn’t have an endowment. Instead, people and institutions that, for one reason or another, don’t want to be publicly identified with a certain cause give money to Tides as donor-advised funds, a little-known charitable giving vehicle that allows donors to recommend uses of their donations and also to remain anonymous.
Tides becomes the "fiscal agent" (money funnel) of any group that donors wish to fund or to create to fit their agenda. Tides gives the recipient shelter under its tax exemption. Tides can train new leaders and equip their organizations to stand alone or simply run a temporary ad hoc operation to fill a short-term need. Thus, Tides has created a haven for donor-selected nongovernmental organizations that, for various reasons, would rather not obtain their own tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. In this manner Tides has nurtured literally hundreds of new groups to plague the resource class and rural communities.
The Tides Foundation was founded in 1976 by Drummond Pike, a left-wing activist in California, as a vehicle to promote social change and support new, controversial and even radical efforts.

So, a bunch of rich whackos and liberal corporate foundations give untraceable money to a leftist “control-freak” group in California to front “non-partisan” groups that are made to appear to be merely local groups, all to influence our Ohio Congressional race and to help Zack Space appear to be just a local official wanting to help us poor dumb Ohioans.

Zack Space is a millionaire, “shake-down artist” lawyer who is extremely liberal and has brought his leftist cronies from California in to decide an election in Ohio.