Sunday, July 27, 2008

Media: Bastards Won In Iraq So Screw With Afghanistan

The media, still licking its wounds over victory in Iraq, has set out their Plan B for Afghanistan. Plan B is the same used in Iraq which is doom and gloom with every day, ignoring good days and hoping the whole thing goes to Hell in a hand basket so they can trash Republicans before the election in November. If any one of these losers believed in God you could count on the fact that they'd be praying for a major problem just to get one more shot at President Bush.

In their mind if Bush wins in Iraq and Afghanistan they will lose in the "name the worst president" sweepstakes. In fact they'll look the losers they are. That ain't pretty. They is ugly anyway and with loser stamped on their forehead they'll be uglier than a 2:oo AM last call loner standing there with an empty glass and no ride home.

So, onto perpetuating defeat in Afghanistan, the war the media said we should focus on to get us out of Iraq which they said we were losing. Now we're winning in Iraq, OMG, we're LOSING in Afghanistan! Just makes one pine for the simple days of "I'd Rather be stupid, thank you." Dan was the poster boy for K.I.S.S. and well suited to it.

The Taliban’s Baghdad Strategy
The insurgents are closing in on Kabul, not in order to overrun the capital but to terrorize its residents and drive away investors. It's working.
Faridoon stares in alarm at the two NEWSWEEK reporters who just walked into his shop. "You guys better get out of town fast," the 21-year-old Afghan says as quietly as possible. "There's Taliban everywhere."

Is this reporting for real? Is it a joke? If its real, there better be some absolutely fantastic sound track to back it up. If this is real, it is worse than any High School Herald or Beaver Falls BS report. It is a joke.

If the media loses in Afghanistan they could all be working for Drudge or Pajamas Media. Better than standing in line with the illegal aliens they support for a fry cook position or pulling cabbage through a loop for a truck in some Iowa heat. They'd be overpaid in either of the latter two positions.

Does anybody read the main stream media anymore? I mean outside of editors, staff and losers that have nothing better to do with their time? I was waiting for my neice and my radio is on the blink.